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Jul 26, 2014 07:25 PM

Sawtelle coming and going: Tapenade and Tsujita LA Villa and bonus cold noodle question

I took my walk to Yogurtland last night.

Tapenade (Sawtelle and Olympic) has closed, and an Italian place has opened in its place. I can't remember the name, but it's as obvious as something like "Italian Eatery."

Tsujita LA Villa looked pretty good from the outside. There's an enormous chandelier hung in the courtyard, and the lit up restaurant portion looked almost ready. I am happy because I really enjoy Tsujita and the Annex, and I loved the small plates Tsujita served at night. I hope they go back to that menu after the Villa opens.

Finally, does anyone have a recommendation for cold noodles on Sawtelle?

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  1. Finally, does anyone have a recommendation for cold noodles on Sawtelle?

    Well, not *on* Sawtelle, but nearby at Hinoki and the Bird the cold soba noodles are quite good.

    1. Actually, the Cold Summer Noodles at Chabuya are not bad at all. I like mine with chashu pork, extra egg...

      1. Rumor has it Villa might have a hiyashi chuka or something similar.

        Also, not that anyone would care, but in the Olympic Collection, Pinkberry + Buttercup are gone as well, replaced by some generic yogurt shop (that probably just took over) and a place called "Fun Bun" in the works.

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        1. re: chrishei

          Good riddance, Pinkberry! Don't recall what Buttercup was. I liked Tapenade, but it seemed irrelevant to me when Flores (the original iteration) opened up. Too bad, since it's a nice space and fulfilled something unique at the time. Location isn't good, though. You're not going to see it from the street, and it's even sort of hidden when you're actually at the Olympic Collection.... Now if they could only get rid of Kaiten Sushi....

          1. re: chrishei

            About "Fun Bun" -- Martin Mull used to advertise a place called "Bun & Run" and I wonder if they are related.

          2. The replacement is called Avenue Italy Trattoria and is already on OpenTable:


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            1. re: New Trial

              Interesting that an Italian place from Palos Verdes would take over that space. No quality LA-based Italian place would do so.
              When Ressul was cooking at Tapenade, the food was some of the best in LA.
              He is now director of food operations at the Sheraton at LAX.
              Tough commute, though, from Sherman Oaks!

              1. re: carter

                WHy wouldn't a quality LA-based place want to take over the space?

                Also, did the chefs change while Tapenade was open?

                1. re: paranoidgarliclover

                  Yes, Chef Ressul did leave toward the end of its run, when its closing had already been established, and the new chef knew he was interim, and did the best he could with the curtain already being lowered.

            2. And construction at the Bachi Burger site is still languishing...

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              1. re: J.L.

                Now Hiring signs are in the window. Interior still looks a ways off.

                B Sweet dessert shop up near La Grange looks to be opening soon. New signage is up, paper is off the windows.

                1. re: AndrewF

                  Walked by Bachi today and there were people interviewing prospective workers out front, so looks like they're making progress.