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Jul 26, 2014 06:52 PM

Classic Paris Bistrot for a larger group?

I'm headed to Paris in August and have gotten some great recommendations but now I have a new task. Now, one of my dinners will be a group of 7 (including 1 child). I had been focusing on smaller neo-bistrots. So, I thought I would ask about bigger (I don't want to feel like our party is taking over the place) bistros. In a perfect world it would be an authentic, casual, classic bistro that will be open in August and take reservations.

Merci bien!

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  1. Cross-check August because I'm outa town as I always am July 15- Aug 27 - Chez Georges on the Rue Mail, Chez Denise in the 1st or one of the Régalades - Whoops or the Fatwah'd Chez L'Ami Jean.
    Again check the thread on August closings.

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Thank you, I'll look into Chez Georges (and Le Stella). Any toughts about Allard in the 6th. Looks to be open.

      1. re: jacksonkev

        No experience of Allard since Ducasse takeover ... except for 34 € lunch deal, prices are discouraging... reviews are very mixed.

        1. re: Parnassien

          Thanks Parnassien, I should have researched Allard before asking...once I Googled Allard, I quickly realized that it wasn't the best pick. Funny thing about Ducasse taking over classic bistros, I assumed (from afar) that was a good thing. Sounds like not really...I did have the pleasure of dining at Benoit in '09 and loved it but it was our last night in Paris and it was a wonderful and playful end of a great trip.

          1. re: Parnassien

            I don't know; my meal there just a year ago post-Ducasse was not like 1968 but it was not disgraceful either - a 6.2 the same as I rated Chez Georges and higher than Stella.

            1. re: John Talbott

              I had dinner at Allard as part of a large group (14 people including several children) a couple of weeks ago. It was okay/good. Good bread, and they served the cucumber salad that Talbott mentions in his review. Herring with potatoes was for me just okay, not particularly exciting. A friend and I had the duck with the olives. Those olives were tasty!

              This was my least favorite meal during my short stopover in Paris, but it might have been a better experience without the big group. In any case, I would not rush to return.

      2. Le Stella on the avenue Victor Hugo in the 16th... classy (but not stuffy) and classic brasserie where my family has had lots of very enjoyable multi-generational meals so a place that suits a variety of tastes and preferences... unfortunately, no website so you will have to google for reviews and pics to see if the menu, prices, and ambiance appeal to you ... telephone rezzies only. Even though I'm not usually in Paris in August, I'm pretty sure it will be open.

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        1. Your larger problem may be what's open in August that can accommodate your larger group. Our wonderful resident hounds will be able to steer you in a tasty direction, I'm sure.

          1. Bofinger would work. Don't know if it is open in Aug. Another fan here of Chez George

            1. "In a perfect world it would be an authentic, casual, classic bistro that will be open in August and take reservations."
              Jeanne B rue Lepic.

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              1. re: Parigi

                Jeanne B rue Lepic.
                "Classic bistro?"

                1. re: John Talbott

                  I have to write nonsense on the 1st line because of the brain-dead new Chowhound format…
                  I thought about it. There's nothing challenging or adventurous on the menu, alors…

                2. re: Parigi

                  Jeanne B has superb non-trad nosh but, in a heatwave, turns into a sweatbox.

                  Recently had our traditional pre-vacances feast with my immediate neighbours at La Coupole on the bd du Montparnasse... not the place for mindblowing or surprising food, but for our group of ten including 2 kids, very enjoyable... kid's menu too... and a 30 € menu for the pennypinchers in the group.