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Jul 26, 2014 06:33 PM

San Antonio

Hello, I will be visiting in August for my brothers graduation from A school and would like some recommendations of where to eat for our stay, we will be staying in river walk and would like a steak house to go to for his graduation. Any suggestions though would be great! Thank you

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  1. Bohannon's is excellent, probably the best steak house in town, but you'll pay for it. We used to like Ruth's Chris before they moved last year, now we don't care for the ho-hum d├ęcor/atmosphere of the new place. We did Morton's a couple of months ago and enjoyed the steaks and clubby atmosphere

    1. How about one of the Brazilian places? Cheaper and way more fun in my opinion.

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        Texas de Brazil is on Houston Street and it's fun (and very reasonable).

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          Thanks so much for the recs , also any suggestions on good Mexican food in the area?

          1. re: Jsimao105

            La Gloria at the Pearl
            The Fruteria in Southtown

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            Texas de Brazil is a good choice for a LOT of meat at reasonable prices