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Jul 26, 2014 05:40 PM

Mercuri Restaurant

Has anyone been to Mercuri, Jo Mercuri's new restaurant in old Montreal?

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  1. I went twice. Two weeks after the opening and 1 month ago. Both time, we were seated on the fine dining side.There is a bar/grill side which is more affordable with smalls plates to share. Can't say anything about that side, i didn't try it.

    In my opinion, the restaurant is gorgeous, the atmosphere is great just as much as the service.

    Loved my experience both times and i'm planing to go back.

    That place is not cheap but delicious. I would actually say the last time was one of the best dinner i had in Montreal if not the best.

    The first time, we took the tasting menu and i truly enjoyed it. I honestly don't remember very well what we had but it did really worth it. I was full by the end of the last course but some of my friend were still hungry.

    I'm still dreaming about the second time we went, soo good!!

    I started with an appetizer of parpadelles with carrot juice braised rabbit. The pasta were home made, just perfect, to die for. The portion was good, could almost have been a main for me.

    My boyfriend ordered crab with grapefruit yogourt and galangal. It was a cold dish. He really enjoyed it. He portion was small.

    As a main i had veal filet with wild mushroom and wine veal reduction. Perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, loved it.

    The friend had home maid ravioli stuffed with mascarpone cheese and chorizo. Perfect except for the portion. I think he had 5 raviolis. Again for someone who doesn't eat that much it is perfect and you still have room for desert.

    The good thing about smaller portions is that you still have room to enjoy desert. We ordered two. One layered fancy cake with apricots, chocolate, nuts and some crispy layer. Good but nothing really special. We loved the other desert. It was very light, refreshing and different. There was gin jelly, lime sorbet and some others kind of herbs i can't remember.

    For 2 appetizers, 2 main, 2 deserts, 4 glass of wine, the bill came up to 208$ with taxes without tip. In my opinion sooo worth it. Don't expect big portions though!!!!

    1. Thank you
      A friend of mine went, had 8 courses and thought it was the best restaurant in Montreal.