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Jul 26, 2014 05:17 PM

Wellfleet & Other Towns on the Cape

Will be vacationing in Wellfleet mid-August. Looking for recommended places on the Cape. Although based in Wellfleet, we will be driving around lots of the Cape and eating out often (breakfast, lunch, dinner, basic meals and special occasion meals, American and Ethnic), I welcome all thoughts on any type of place you think worth a visit, especially in the mid-Cape area.

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  1. Oops. Trying to respond to another message.

    1. Hopefully capecodguy will weigh in. He's a wealth of info. Check out this post:

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        Wow. Capecodguy's posts are certainly a wealth of information. Exactly the kind of info I'm looking for.
        As an aside, before posting my inquiry above, I ran searches for Cape Cod and Wellfleet, and almost nothing recent (i.e. from the last 2 years) came up. But following the link you posted, I see there certainly have been recent posts. Re-ran the same searches and now finding lots on Cape Cod including Wellfleet. Wonder if the latest update to CH has some glitches in the search feature.

      2. Ceraldi for a treat for sure. Also Mac's shack for a fun tropical vibe, PB Boulangerie for high quality baked goods( the almond croissants are to die for).
        We like Moby Dick's for a casual lobster in the riugh dinner( they make a darned good wedge salad too).

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          Thanks. Are these all in Wellfleet?

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            Yes, all in Wellfleet, though Moby Dick's in in South Wellfleet right on 6

          2. we've been in Wellfleet for a week the last 2 years. We've really enjoyed Mac's Shack and PB Boulangerie both mentioned above. If you can get up early to get freshly baked treats from PB for breakfast, that's the best. We've never eaten at the attached restaurant, it seems very expensive to me. But the bake shop is awesome.

            For a casual meal, Arnolds (officially be in Eastham, but very nearly in Wellfleet) is a great place for fried clams or a lobster roll. Black Fish in Truro was still good last year for a nice meal out.

            I like the Bookstore restaurant in Wellfleet as well. It is not as good as some of the other places, but they have a great view, and a comfortable casual atmosphere. We've found sticking to basics there very satisfying (oysters, fish and chips, chowder).

            1. Discovered Sweet Escapes on a visit to the Cape last month. It is a combination ice cream shop and bakery. My coconut ice cream was sweet, creamy delicious. The pastry items in the bakery were tempting so I tried a chocolate chip cookie, heavenly with large chunks of chocolate. Wished I had had room for a piece of fruit pie. Its rather free form crust led me to believe it is made there, not just baked there as with so many places. The menu indicates the bakery goods and ice cream are made on the premises.

              There is also a pizza restaurant as part of the complex. Cannot comment as I didn’t try any (not that I didn’t consider it!).

              You may need to have ice cream breakfast to avoid the crowds.

              316 Route 6, Truro