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Your go-to delivery for dinner in Oakland/Berkeley?

Sometimes going out to eat or even pick up is just too much and we need dinner delivered. But I feel like my delivery resources are stale and/or not good (basically, I have pizza from Lanesplitter or Rustica, or pretty mediocre, if lucky, Chinese from Silver Palace). I used to do a delivery service to get Holy Land on College, but that's no more. Just curious to hear what others do to get some ideas.

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        The op asked for good delivery places in Oakland and Berkeley...that chowhound people have tried or like.

        Not just names and online takeout services.

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          Charter member, used as recently as last week. Both my wife and I enjoyed the chicken. Previous best meal short ribs.

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              What is the question? If you live in the Spoonrocket delivery zone they can deliver to your door in minutes. The menu is limited and changes daily.
              Example today:Chicken Enchiladas with Salsa Roja, Monterey Jack, Cheddar Cheese, Chile-Spiced Brown Rice & Pinto Beans (~750 cal)
              Baja Fajita Vegetable Platter with sauteed chile-spiced bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, sweet corn, Spanish rice, black beans, flour tortillas & queso fresco cheese (~600 cal)

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            Earlier this year while moving residences in Oakland, I ordered from Spoonrocket 2 to 3 time a week and recommended them highly. I have since retracted that recommendation as the food quality deteriorated, price increased, delivery time lengthened as the company expanded into San Francisco. At the same time the company shortened weekend availability and laid off many of their staff (kitchen, drivers, customer service). Too bad as the original concept, product, delivery, and customer service were excellent! I miss them.

          2. Another vote for Mount Everest. Also really like High Peaks Kitchen -- they deliver too, through eatstreet (https://eatstreet.com/oakland). But often can find some good things on Eat 24, where you can pretty easily see Yelp reviews too. If you're willing to pay steep delivery fees for higher end food, https://www.trycaviar.com/ is another option.

            1. Thanks for the recommendations. SpoonRocket never seemed my style - the menu always reads more like what I would cook at home, but I will take a look at the suggestions. Just curious about what others in my area with similar tastes do when delivery is necessary.

              1. I moved to Berkeley from SF a few years ago and I'm still missing the comparatively easy food delivery in the city. The irony is that I moved to a place just blocks from the Gourmet Ghetto yet I haven't found a Chinese place I like that delivers. I just quit fighting it and started using Munchery and Caviar. Munchery's better, in my opinion, in that paying a modest annual fee eliminates all delivery fees. And their service has been excellent. But if you want to stick w/ ordering from restaurants, Caviar is fine.

                1. eastbayexpress.com has a list of places that supposedly deliver:


                  I've had great food on-site at Chengdu, El Huarache Azteca, Jalisco, and Shan Dong.

                  1. Saul's now has delivery through some new-to-town service, mrdelivery.com. They have about 30 other restaurants, most of which I've never heard of.