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Jul 26, 2014 04:28 PM

craft cocktails, kid friendly dinner

quick... where should we take the kids tonite for a good cocktail (for the parents) and yummy food. we're centrally located in la jolla.

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  1. With Comicon this weekend I wouldn't go anywhere near Downtown, North Park etc but stay closer to your area even though this might limit your choices - how about Sea &Smoke (food & cocktails are good but not great), Georges (outstanding food & good but not great cocktails),

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    1. re: honkman

      great suggestions! thanks. of course toddler meltdown ruined all chances of good food/drink, will try this weekend.

      1. re: smile81

        But this weekend without Comicon you will have much more options, e.g. JSix, Jaynes (especially on the patio in the back), Urban Solace, Social Experiment

        1. re: honkman

          I would second Jsix, although not sure how "kid friendly" it is.

          Or for that matter what "kid friendly" even means.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            I think it often means that people won't be offended if a kid is loud for a short period of time (some people also associate it with "simpler" food which children are more likely to eat (but that's just a wrong approach IMO)

            1. re: honkman

              oh, yes, i meant that people wouldn't be offended by the presence of my kids. i didn't mean kid-friendly in terms of the type of food. however, to be more specific, I mean baby-friendly as I have a 3 year old and 6 month old. the answer is obviously, get a babysitter, but sometimes we like to hang out as a family but still do things enjoyable for adults too.

            2. re: ipsedixit

              Having high chairs is a good start

      2. Toddler/kid friendly with good cocktails: to me kid-friendly means the place welcomes kids, not just tolerates them. Of course we mostly take ours out at non-peak times (breakfast, lunch, brunch and early dinner).

        Urban Solace: yes. They have high chairs and staff is super accomodating.

        Jaynes: No. At least in our experience. It's too small I think.

        Haven't tried at Jsix or Georges. Agree with bad cocktails at Georges.

        Alchemy in South Park has excellent cocktails.

        Puesto downtown: Can't recommend the food but good cocktails and lots of space for kids to run around at the Headquarters. You can sit outside and there's a gelato spot for dessert!

        Herringbone in LJ: They are SUPER nice to kids there, surprisingly. I love the Peter Rabbit cocktail. It's a Malarkey place so food is hit or miss but I've had darn good meals there.

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        1. re: strideam

          Just curious what defines "welcomes kids" for you as you wrote "..lots of space for kids to run.." and Jaynes as too small. I don't think kids should run around when you go out for dinner as they should appreciate going out and eat together as a family and running around is the opposite and shows bad parenting style.

          1. re: honkman

            Wow, you misunderstood honkman. My kid eats with us at the table and he is not yet 2. I mentioned space at the Headquarters because we do let him run around before and after dinner (in the mall area part!) which results in better behavior at the table.

            Jayne's is too small in my opinion because the tables are close together, it's an intimate, kinda romantic spot and even a well-behaved child can be distracting and comes with a lot of "stuff" diaper bag, high chair, stroller possibly).

            "Welcomes kids" to me means the staff is happy to see you and your family and not eyerolling or rushing you out or giving you a terrible table just because you happen to have your kid along.

            1. re: strideam

              I will add an example: We go to Alchemy all the husband and I had our first date there, we used to live down the street, and now we bring the kid. The staff will make a big fuss over him and bring him all kinds of little treats to 20 months he eats everything we eat and they get a big kick out of a toddler eating pork belly tacos or whatever. I know it's not just us either, because there are kids in there all the time. THAT'S what I mean by "welcomes kids."

              1. re: strideam

                Speaking of Alchemy - have you (or anybody) been to Alchemy very recently since Chef Heredia left. Curious to know which direction they are taking

              2. re: strideam

                Looks like I misunderstood you.

                I have to admit that Jayne's is one of the last spots on our (semi)regular rotation I would call romantic (too loud, type of average customer, interior design - it looks like an average British pub and if there would be some TVs showing soccer you would have your regular bar fights over differences about favorite clubs)

                Just curious where you have seen staff eyerolling or trying to rush you - so far (even though we haven't been to high-end places like Addison etc with our daughter) we never really had a problem with such issues.

            2. re: strideam

              yes, non-peak times are ideal for dining with kids, they want to eat dinner early anyway. great suggestions, we've had lunch at puesto downtown after playing at the childrens museum and it was great with kids. urban solace was on our rotation pre-kids, will have to try it again now. alchemy is a little far from la jolla, but maybe if we can plan an activity in the area for the afternoon. interesting that herringbone is kid-friendly, it seems so upscale.

            3. Comedian Wanda Sykes bemoaned children cavorting in the bar while she was having a cocktail. "After all," she said. "I don't go to the playground and drink."

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              1. re: eatemup

                ""I don't go to the playground and drink," - Why not ?

                1. re: eatemup

                  Wait. We're allowed to bring children to a bar?!

                  1. re: strideam

                    You have to start training them early

                  2. re: eatemup

                    my post was about enjoying one drink while eating good food together as a family. not about going out drinking and bringing kids along, although in some places, like wisconsin, this too is commonplace.