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Jul 26, 2014 02:23 PM

Dinner in Martha's Vineyard

We will be in Edgartown in two weeks. Any suggestions for dinner. We enjoy seafood and eating where the locals like to eat.

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  1. Seafood Shanty (Make reservations!) The food is delicious (best lobster rolls ever!), prices reasonable, service is great and view is beautiful (over looking Chappy Island).

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      Thank you. I will really appreciate the suggestion and will look into making reservations.

    2. Will you have a car or are you sticking close to Edgartown?

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        No, I won't have a car. I'll be going over on the ferry.

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          Okay. I was a year round local for close to 2 decades and now go down frequently so here's my two cents. Since you asked about where the locals eat and mentioned that you like seafood, I'll try to help out. Keep in mind that this is a very busy time of year.

          Local favorites for casual, inexpensive dining (inexpensive for the Vineyard), include The Newes and The Wharf. Neither is fancy but they each have your basic pub fare and a lively atmosphere. Of the two I prefer The Newes. Both are open year round so they have a loyal following.

          Alchemy on Main Street is more upscale and also has a fun atmosphere. There are a few seats outdoors on a small patio. It can get packed. A similar place in terms of price and atmosphere is Chesca's. Really good food at both, and both feature seafood. I think the space at Chesca's is friendlier and more intimate, but both are fun for an evening out.

          Atria is a short walk up Main Street and has a terrific menu. I love eating in their basement bar area which is cozy and often has some music going on.

          The Seafood Shanty is not a local favorite and not a favorite of ours. Go for a drink as the views are great. But the food is not very good and it is known as a tourist trap. Their fish is clearly frozen, not fresh, and the food is often without flavor and dry.

          You can check reviews of these places here on Chowhound or elsewhere, but I do hope these ideas help. Edgartown is a really fun place to be in the summer, but it is very crowded!

          1. re: mvi

            Thank you so much mvi! This really helps as it will be a first time visit for my husband and I. I am eager to experience all the Vineyard has to give which includes a good meal or two.

            1. re: lotot

              Have fun. The VTA buses are great if you want to explore Oak Bluffs, which is recommended. There are many restaurants there, too. When you come back for a longer stay, you can visit Menemsha and some of the more distant restaurants, but Edgartown will keep you happy for a weekend.

            2. re: mvi

              Thanks, mvi! I'll also be staying in Edgartown for the first time over the Labor Day weekend. I'm expecting it to be crowded, so really appreciate your targeted recommendations.

              Any recommendations for bars/ pubs that are not total tourist traps?

              1. re: mvi

                Pretty much agree with everything MVI said. I was born/bred on the island but am now a (mostly off season) visitor.

                Seafood Shanty is all sizzle, no steak. The only thing worth it is the view so consider this a cocktail place. Don't eat there, trust me.

                A better choice for a view with OK food would be the Atlantic but bring your wallet-it's not cheap but the food, while not stellar, is considerably better. Good place for raw bar and drinks. Fairly lively night life.

                You could also take the VTA out to the Winnetu for drinks and apps with a nice view of South Beach.

                In addition to MVI's other suggestions try Lucky Hanks on upper main. It's only been open a few years and we make a point of going every trip. Food is excellent, they make great use of local produce and the staff are all very friendly.

                If you have a wilder night then planned hit Dock Street Cafe for breakfast. I recommend the Portugee McMuffin. Best hangover food there is! but good for a regular diner breakfast too. Another nice breakfast place is at the Edgartown Inn where you can sit in their garden.

                1. re: foodieX2

                  I am set with these recs! Thanks for all your help!

          2. In addition to the great suggestions up thread...

            Don't miss Lucky Hank's on Upper Main for breakfast. I am sure dinner is great there too but I haven't tried it. We had breakfast there 3 out of 4 days on a recent long weekend.

            Port Hunter is new this year, on Main. We lucked out with a last minute walk-in table for cocktails and oysters.

            If you get a chance to go to Oak Bluffs: you just can't go to the Vineyard and pass up the opportunity to have Ben Deforest cook you dinner at The Red Cat. His meals are worthy of travel (and really, OB is a quick bus, taxi, or bike ride away).

            We went to Detente this year (Nevin Square in Edgartown) and fell a little bit in love. Outstanding food and wine.

            Definitely search the board - there are a lot of good suggestions.

            p.s. I will be there in two weeks too so see you 'round!