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Jul 26, 2014 02:10 PM

All you can eat sushi places in DFW?

Does anybody know of any decent AYCE sushi places in the metroplex, in particular near Southlake or Carrolton?

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  1. I've been to Tokyo One on Beltline in Addison. It's, "OK".
    See the list...

    1. The best of breed is Japan house in Plano This being said none of them come close to "real Sushi" but this is the best of what's out there. Friends have dragged me to many of them in the past.

      1. Osaka Sushi in Plano. They are by far the best my wife and I have found. Go there on weekdays for lunch, or else it can get expensive.

        1. Tokyo One is average at best. There is a place called Bonsai Sushi on Trinity Mills that has all you can eat rolls for lunch. If you over-order, you have to pay per roll not eaten.

          1. This place opened next to the H-Mart shopping complex

            It's about $25 for lunch and $30 for dinner or you can order ala carte off the menu. Decent quality for AYCE, sushi and rolls are made by chefs (not buffet), rice portions ok, standard selection of rolls, Korean staff. Way better than Tokyo One, Japan House or Osaka... More like the old Miyoshi in Plano.