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Jul 26, 2014 01:07 PM

Littleton, Co recommendations please

Hi, I am a southeast Florida chowhounder and am looking for good places in Littleton. Price does not matter but I don't care for dressy attire. I like all American and any ethnic cuisine. Dives are fine as long as the food is worthy and I do not care for any major chains. I am willing to drive to Denver. Is there any great bbq around? Thanks in advance!

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  1. If your willing to drive to denver I would recommend the following -

    Bistro Vendome

    We usually go downtown for dinner then walk to "The Market" in LoDo and grab coffe and desert

    1. Here's a few places I have visited in Littleton / Highlands Ranch area:

      Pho 79 - excellent Vietnamese lunch with very good food and friendly service
      Earl's - good place for a steak or similar fare
      La Sandia - upscale Mexican with the ceviche being a standout and good mole'.
      Ted's Montana Grille - bison short ribs or filets. Good food all around
      The Rock Wood Fired - cool rock n roll decor with decent pizzas
      Old Chicago Pizza - decent lunch pizzas
      Wahoos - good fish tacos for lunch and inexpensive
      Brickyard BBQ - decent pork BBQ in a privately owned small divey place. The bbq sauce is pretty good too!
      Rib City - decent chain BBQ with 4 sauces

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        You realize many of those are major-ish chains, right? :)

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          Littleton is full of chains and very few privately owned places it seems. I did not get any Littleton / Highlands Ranch recs (hint hint) from anyone prior to my visit. I am 3 weeks in here and I don't think you can eat here for very long without relying on chains. I did visit J. Alexander's because I knew it was highly consistent. I tried Ted's 15 years ago when they opened in Hotlanta. Heck, I was willing to try Season's 52 but they don't open until the day before I leave.

          Besso Tapas and Wine - excellent tapas with roasted artichoke and osso bucco being standouts. Ceviche was a bit too sweet with citrus for me. The owners check on everyone and are very friendly and helpful.

          Nono's Cafe - good gumbo and very close to where I am staying.

          Crave Real Burger - majorly unhealthy burger variations but I just had to try it since I have never heard of it before. Good burger but not the best.

          Now break out some of those recs!

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            I live in Highlands Ranch, and while I love all the open space and the mountain views, the dining in the nearby area is rather dismal IMHO. We always go up to Denver (or our favorite place in Boulder) when we go out for dinner. Bonanno Brothers Pizza is quite good, owned by the same guy that runs a number of excellent restaurants in Denver. Breakfast and lunch only, Michel Pierre French Bakery is excellent and the French owners are fantastic.

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              Is the Bonanno Brothers Pizza in Park Meadows new? I walked by after eating at La Sandia and there was only 1 couple eating. La Sandia wasn't happening either as far as crowds go but White Chocolate was packed with ladies, young girls, and couples.

              Thanks I will give it a try since The Rock had a very cool R&R decor but pizza was just average

              1. re: Lexma90

                Sad news....Bonanno Bros is closing after this Saturday. I just don't understand why this place has not drawn in the crowds. It's certainly not because of the food, atmosphere, location, or service. They own 11 restos in Denver I found out, so they are not hurting by this closing. I guess people in this area would rather have their Cheesecake Factories and Applebees and such.

                Since you are in Highlands Ranch, please try Old Blinking Light. I really like this place!

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                Well, that's not really my part of town (I'm up in the opposite corner of the very far reaches of Denver Metro, probably too far to even be considered in the metro area), but I did have a nice brunch at Toast in Old Town Littleton.

                Also, Biker Jim's just opened a Highlands Ranch location (this article was done before the opening, but it's open now according to their Facebook page)

                1. re: juliejulez

                  Oh also, this isn't quite Littleton, but Piggin' Out BBQ in Lakewood is very good

                  We got there at about 4pm on a Saturday and they were nearly out of a lot of items and closed up shortly after we got our food, so I would go earlier next time.

          2. Bonnano Brothers was a hit! The best pizza I have had here by far. I went on a Friday night and only about 6 to 8 tables were occupied. This place has excellent pizza and quality ingredients. It's a shame that Brio next door packs them in by the droves but this place is 3/4 empty. I think this area love chains!

            Another hit was Old Blinking Light in Highlands Ranch. I had a very good scallop with mango salsa and lime cilantro rice. This was my best dinner here and I will be back to try more of the southwestern menu.

            I did see the Biker Jim's in the same plaza. Thanks for the recs.

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              The neighborhood does love a chain. Sad we're closing too

            2. I'm a little late but wanted to plug JaJa Bistro in Old Town Littleton. It's been a few years, but we had a great meal there. French food in a small house. 5641 S Nevada Street, Littleton, CO 80120-1115.

              Kate's Wine Bar next door is fun, too.

              1. Here's a few updates on some new places I have tried:

                Crave Real Burgers - mega-unhealthy burger combinations but the standard cheeseburger or the Krusty burger is pretty good. Shakes are worthy.

                Burt's Smokehouse - I thought this was a chain but it's a new locally owned BBQ place. Excellent smoked pork sandwiches and ribs are good too. None of the BBQ comes pre-sauced, just as it should be served. The pink smoke rings on the meat show they know what they are doing and that nice smoke flavor which really sets them apart from the Rib City chain.

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                  These sound like good options. Thanks for the recs!