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Jul 26, 2014 11:09 AM

Corner Stop in Cohasset? Other South Shore ideas?

formerly DiNeros. Any word on how its is, food and ambiance wise?

We are getting together with another couple next week and are pretty much limited to Hull, Hingham, Cohasset, Norwell and Scituate and want to try something new. Norwell is kind of a last resort as are friends are coming up 3A. Open to pretty much anything except asian, price not an issue, food more important than view/ambience but would be nice to have that too. In the last 3 months we have done Oro, Tosca, Square Cafe, Scarlet Oak, Trattoria San Pietro, Bia, Dalat and Riva to give some ideas.

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  1. We went to Corner Stop yesterday with the intention of having lunch. Cute dining room but empty at 1:15 on a Saturday and we didn't want to eat alone so we left. I thought the menu looked so-so, one of those "if they really execute this could be great" kind of menus. FWIW, we most often go to Alma Nove (my father's favorite) and although the room feels a bit corporate we truly have never had anything less than a very good meal and it often is excellent. It is roughly 1000 times better than Square Cafe, at least at lunch. (IMO of course :), I just feel that Square Cafe quit trying quite awhile ago.)

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      Thanks Gretchen. Thats no good that they were empty. Yesterday was not much of a beach day so that doesn't bode well for them. It was for DiNeros for something like 30 years, maybe their regulars don't like the changes?

      In all honestly we have avoided Alma Nova for the past year or so. The food was always OK but the FOH left a lot to be desired as did the bar staff. After our last disaster, saved only by an amazing waitress we decided that for the money we were happy to lose the view and stick to Tosca. What is interesting is that I work very close to the Shipyard and when Alma Nove first opened it started to become a regular place for taking visiting corporate, after work get togethers and celebratory lunches but over the past year I have noticed that slowly the allegiance has gone back to Tosca for dinner and Square Cafe, Tosca Cafe or Beerworks for lunch. I have never been Alma for lunch so maybe Ill grab so coworkers and give them another try.

      Still in quandary for dinner. Have you tried the Quarry (the old Ninos chop house?)

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        No, we've not tried Quarry but since my father will soon (I hope) move into Linden Ponds we no doubt will and I will report. I am very interested in your report on Alma Nove. We go there far more often than I personally would choose to, but I have never been less than quite happy with both food and service -- I'd just always choose Jake's (when open) for its more casual vibe (which is why my father perfers Alma Nove: he'll go for the white tablecloths every time). And the last 2 times we went to Square Cafe (a former favorite) it was actively bad: burger bun completely black on the inside (not nicely charred but really carbonized), barely a trace of pink in a burger ordered MR -- my father had no more than a bite or two, the waitress asked if he wanted it packed and I showed her why he didn't. No comment, nothing off the check. I felt as though they get enough business and simply don't care anymore. Glad to hear that must not be entirely true.

        ETA: we have always loved Tosca and wish it were open for lunch and we do need to try Beerworks. We did try that fish place across from Alma Nove and I liked it a lot but my father has not been interested in going back.

        1. re: foodieX2

          Have you been to Atlantica recently? If you go for the view and the very traditional menu, it might work. We have had a couple of pleasant dinners there this year. I suggest it only because it appears you have been to just about every other restaurant in that area.

          1. re: swanton

            I interested to hear you had some good meals there. It resoundingly gets bad reviews from the locals for dining. It gets markedly better reviews for private parties-wakes, baby/bridal showers, engagement parties etc. We haven't eaten dinner there in years. The last private party we went to (wake) I would say the passed apps were quite good and the bartender was outstanding.

            The view is fine if you enjoying looking at the Roy's, better if you are seated facing off to the right.

            We do enjoy a quick cocktail at the Olde Salt House next door after work or the beach.

            I haven't tried their newest venture, Brisa ,which is open only when they don't have a wedding or other private event at the hotel. Assuming all the food comes from the same kitchen so don't have high hopes. I completely forgot about it until now and know no one who has tried it.

            1. re: foodieX2

              There's a new exec chef. Four of us had dinner at Atlantica a few weeks ago. One person raved about the paella. Others ordered swordfish, haddock and lobster. All were fine. Not a wow kind of place but better than we expected. Prices are reasonable. Service varied from attentive to inexperienced, though.

              The dining room is more on the right side of the building so you don't see that much of the old Cox estate. You can look straight out to the Glades.

              I don't think it deserves the bad reviews. It is what it is.

              When Brisa first opened a couple of years ago, friends liked it. It always seemed very busy. I have not been. The Salt House menu is a tad pricy for that atmosphere.

              We like Tosca and the Satuit Tavern. Go figure.

              1. re: swanton

                That is good to know swanton. Last time we went (maybe 5 years ago) it was awful. But willing to give it another try.

                1. re: swanton

                  I had no idea Brisa had been open for years!!! First time I heard of it was last summer. I live 10 minutes away and since I know no one who has eaten there I just ASSumed it was a new venture. Thanks for the info as I just texted my friend about it as a possible option but it doesn't bode well that it has been open that long and I haven't heard word one about it.

                  Totally agree about the Salt House prices. Its pretty much in line with the Red Parrot and Barefoot Bobs which are other post Sandy Beach cocktail places but the Salt House is so much easier to get into and its on our way home to boot.

                  Thanks for the update!

                  1. re: foodieX2

                    Brisa's is a casual tapas and wine spot. Doubt it would meet your dinner requirements. Check the menu. Might work after a day at the beach or a simple get together with friends.

                    1. re: swanton

                      We really enjoy tapas which is why I thought it would be good choice-we are more food focused than ambiance buts its nice to have both. I had originally suggested Hola (another local favorite), but was voted down as too far so after this thread thought Brisa might fit the bill. Have not heard back but I am hoping her mom might have tried it recently, she seems to be the first and last everywhere, LOL. I can't keep up.

          2. re: GretchenS

            Gretchen-just saw on Hingham Foodies FB page that the Corner Stop was the featured Chef at the Holly Hill "farm to table" dinner last night. Probably best you skipped yesterday as it would have been the C-team in the kitchen.

            She also noted that the Quarry started offering Sunday Brunch today with a bloody mary cart and housemade bacon.


            Lastly- my BFF's inlaws moved to Linden Ponds just about 2 years ago and I know both she and them have been very happy with the place. About once a month they join them for dinner and said the food is better than expected too!

            1. re: GretchenS

              Square Cafe is on our permanent ban list. Service was so terrible you couldn't pay us to eat there.