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Jul 26, 2014 11:05 AM

Champignon Sauvage or Hand & Flowers?

Next year, I have an "event" to celebrate and have narrowed things down to these two 2* places. Now I'm stuck. Anyone with experience of both in a position to make a comparision for me? Although comments about just one of the them will be appreciated.

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  1. I haven't eaten at either, but besides the food, does the ambiance mean anything important to you for this, 'event?' Hand & Flowers from what I've seen just looks like an ordinary, no-atmosphere pub.

    1. Only been to one, LCS. Enjoyed the food but found the room and service frosty. I am told I clearly don't have a clue about the place because it isn't like that at all. So for me it's on the "give it another go" if I am in the area as I may have hit an off night. LCS is definitely a chefs restaurant though and much admired by all industry insiders - I think it needs to be on everyone's bucket list. Cheltenham and the surrounding Cotswolds are also a great base for a weekend if it were a tied vote.

      Tom Kerridge looks like a very good chef, and from what I have seen from pictures and video of the H&F it's far from and ordinary pub (although ordinary Surrey pubs may all be like that in June's manor).again on my bucket list.

      LCS has been around for a long time, H&F is far newer - maybe better to try LCS as it may not be there forever.

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        >(although ordinary Surrey pubs may all be like that in June's manor).<

        Sadly, there's a real dearth of good food - at least in my part of Surrey. When we go out, it's usually for something ethnic because the choices are much better than what we find in the gastropubs. One problem is that the chefs come and go quickly in the 'burbs, and the consistency factor is missing.

        There's one that isn't half bad.. The Dolphin in Betchworth.

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          Phil - I think I remember you being "told" on an egullet thread when someone else also made similar comments about service.

        2. I have been to both H&F about three years ago and LCS about 2 months ago. I really liked the H&F both the atmosphere- I would say slightly more restaurant than pub (not unlike the Harwood Arms) and the food. A couple of things were really good including a duck dish that I think was on the GBM TV show, although in general I think 2* is generous (for those who care about such things).

          LCS- I agree with PhilD, the room here is not great and when I visited it was half full on a Saturday night (on a bank holiday weekend!) and it was thus a bit stale. The food was very good but I think my expectations were too high and thus I was maybe a touch disappointed. Some photos: http://restaurantsandrants.wordpress....