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Jul 26, 2014 10:32 AM

'Substitute' dinner needed for next week Wednesday

Back in your lovely city next week. Have a rez for Vernick on Tuesday, and also had a rez for Matyson, but their upcoming tasting menu doesn't appeal, so I'm trying to figure out where to go on Wednesday night.

Doesn't have to be a tasting menu or anything crazy fancy. Staying near the 5th St. SEPTA stop, so travel is possible, though walking distance would be preferred.

No Chinese/other Asian suggestions, as I get plenty of that at home. BYOB would be nice.

Grazie mille.

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  1. Ela, Southwark, good king, Seprico, Fork are all pretty close.

    1. Pumpkin on South Street, BYO fresh ingredients great this time of year. BYO. (May be cash only.)

      High Market which is right near Fork is good too.

      A.Kitchen off of Rittenhouse Square.. High market Fork and A.Kitchen are all under the same restaurant group/executive chef. Hearing great things about all of them.

      1. Thanks, cwdonald and barryg.

        I remembered an old recommendation from this board: Modo Mio. So that's taken care of!

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        1. re: linguafood

          Geez, really? I admit I never cared for MM, but there are so many other options now I can't imagine choosing it

          1. re: Bigley9

            I admit I haven't been there in a year, but Modo Mio is consistently good. Noisy though.

            1. re: Bigley9

              Really. But please -- I'd love to hear your suggestions, as I am a fairly regular visitor.

              1. re: Bigley9

                I haven't been to Modo mio in a while but id say it is easily one of the top Italian restaurants in the city as well as one of the best values -- except on Sundays when they do the red gravy thing which is overpriced and underwhelming.

            2. I haven't been to Phila. since 2007, but I most enjoyed going to Porcini, on the 2000 block of Sansom Street. I've read that there's another Italian restaurant very nearby, which may be even better, but I don't remember the name.


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                1. re: Jay F

                  I've stumbled upon Porcini almost a decade ago, and it was a fantastic dinner. Unfortunately, the second time I went, fairly recently (and with that great memory in mind), it was pretty underwhelming. Not sure I'd go back again.

                2. Alrightie, then. Here's a list of alternatives for Modo Mio - in case you 'delphians think any are worth foregoing the rez at MM:

                  Alla spina
                  Paradiso (been there once before & loved it)
                  Petruce et al
                  Pumpkin BYOB

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                    1. re: linguafood

                      a. kitchen, petruce, alla spina are all way better.

                    2. re: linguafood

                      Of those, I'd definitely go with Petruce. I haven't been to Modo Mio in years so I can't say it's not worth going there or anything, but our restaurant scene has come a long way even since Modo Mio opened. Zeppoli is so close and so much better.

                      1. re: Buckethead

                        Thank you for your input. Petruce's menu seems similar in concept to Vernick.

                        Not knowing at this point whether I'll be able to make it to your fair city at all this week (sick cat), I think I'll leave the rez for MM for now - it's been a while since we had good Italian, and I can always check out the great recommendations on this thread on my next visit.

                        Thanks again.

                        1. re: linguafood

                          I think MM is a good choice. Don't forget that it's BYOB and cash only.

                      2. re: linguafood

                        Can I throw in Sbraga? I recently went there and had a really spot-on, wonderful meal start to finish. I'd do the beef tartar, saffron bucatini with blue crab and vadouvan game hen in a heartbeat tomorrow if I could.

                        1. re: sockii

                          Thanks, I'll note it for my next trip. Had to cancel this one, sadly.

                          1. re: linguafood

                            Feel better linguafood. Love your write ups. Looking forward to your next visit to the City of Brotherly <fill in your noun here>

                              1. re: Bacchus101

                                Not only do I dangle my particples.. I get my parts of speech wrong... NOUN.

                          2. re: sockii

                            Sockii - I recently ennoyed the same selections at Sbraga myself. I usually gravitate more towards seafood but the beef tartar was phenom!!!