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Jul 26, 2014 10:28 AM

Entertaining gluten-free guest in the western suburbs or the city?

Good Day, fellow Chicago chowhounds. I am entertaining a gluten-free guest from out of town next weekend. Can anyone suggest a restaurant in the Naperville or Oakbrook area (willing to drive downtown if that's the only option) with a good-sized gluten-free menu? I am sure my guest knows how to customize her order to avoid gluten, but I'd love to make it easy for her. Thanks.

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  1. Many restaurants have gluten-free items on their menus, but the only totally gluten-free restaurant I'm familiar with is Senza, which is on the city's north side. Perhaps there are others in the suburbs that I'm not aware of.

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      DaLuciano's in the western suburb of River Grove gets a lot of publicity for gluten-free Italian dining. While the restaurant is not entirely gf, as noted on their website "About Us-->About Gluten Free" tabs, the owners were motivated to come up with good, gf versions of Italian food because four of their seven children had Celiac disease. From what I have read and what I can recall of their Check Please appearance, your guest should feel comfortable ordering off the gf menu and would likely get to eat some dishes she has not been able to enjoy for a while.

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        Yes, Senza is amazing and 100% gluten free. It is, however, very pricey, so we save it for special occasions.

      2. The 'Lettuce Entertain You' restaurant group is very GF friendly and most of their restaurants have gluten free menus. Here is a link to them:
        These restaurants are located all over the suburbs and city.
        (Wildfire, their steakhouse, is our favorite. I believe there is one located in the Oakbrook area.
        )Have Fun,

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          In addition to Wildfire, Lettuce restaurants in Oak Brook also include Mon Ami Gabi (French bistro), Antico Posto (Italian), and Reel Club (seafood). All four restaurants are in Oakbrook Center, the big outdoor mall. (And yes, the town name is two words, but it becomes one in the name of the mall. Go figure.)

          I don't know why the above link of gluten-free menus doesn't show Reel Club, since the restaurant's website at says they have a gluten-free menu available, including breads.

        2. Thank you again for your help, everyone. I ended up taking my guest to Wildfire and it worked out beautifully for everyone.