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Jul 26, 2014 10:10 AM

Mar Belo?

Thinking of going to mar Belo in long branch - any experiences? insights? thoughts?

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  1. Went there the week that they opened for lunch & thought it was great. Had the shrimp with pasta (red sauce) from the lunch menu.

    1. Went for dinner last night. Full up, inside and outside with view of the parking lot. Has reservations (seemed to be critically necessary). Short wait and seated. Fresh warm bread and decent red sangria (also white)
      Had delicious zarzuela loaded with shrimp scallops mussels clam and lobster. I made a mess on the white tablecloth space in front of me digging for the treasures in the shells. They provided crackers and a lobster fork to go digging. Also had Chilean sea bass. Both nice portions. Would def go back. Too full to try dessert

        1. re: equal_Mark

          Not too many Tapas choices there.... after all the fun is to order "quite a few" Tapas dishes.....

          here's my favorite Tapas restaurant when Im in NYC