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Jul 26, 2014 09:52 AM

Mezze in Williamstown, MA

We had a wonderful meal! Service was impeccable. Food was fantastic. I had pasta with sausage and beef. Also foraged chanterelles (!) Amazing! My wife had a cauliflower soup that was really delicious - subtle, creamy, and flavorful. My wife had Arctic Char that was prepared beautifully and cooked just right. The dining room is really nice - in an old house so well appointed and the light, the furnishings, all quite charming and elegant.

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  1. I was about to start this thread, but my opinion is a little different.

    We had a 6PM reservation on Saturday, in between shows at the WTF down the street (we saw the short one first, allowing more time for dinner). Arrived about 10 minutes early and were seated after about 5 minutes at a fine two top. Meanwhile, there seemed to be an issue with quite a few people who were seeing the longer show first had earlier reservations that they were all running late from. The host proactively asked us if we had an 8PM show to get to. So did the waiter and the person who brought us our water. We confirmed with each of them that we wanted to be out by 7:30PM. No problem.

    Agree with the prior post, the space is very pretty and well appointed.

    Lets get to the important part: The food was amazing.

    The service, on the other hand, was wildly inconsistent. I'm certain the party two tables to my left had the meal of a lifetime. And I know the party immediatly to my right left there hungry.

    What was inconsistent? My wife had the Char. Was a nice looking, very tasty piece of fish. And it was at most, 2/3 the size of the piece on the table to our left. Wine was delicious. But our pours were significantly smaller than most of the pours we could see. But we didn't notice until after we had drank.

    What else? Entrees took awhile to come out. We had snacks (great potatoes and chickpeas). No apps. Entrees arrived after 7PM, so we were already getting concerned. Saw other parties who arrived after us have 3 courses served including entrees before ours came. Folks to our right were told "computer problem in the kitchen is causing a delay in your food". Way to take the blame for whatever snafu arose.

    Our Dessert menu arrived at 7:20, we turned it away and asked for the check which came promptly. No way we would have had time to order and eat dessert based on our experience, which was too bad as a couple things looked great.

    You take a risk naming a place Mezze. As it is way too easy to call it Mezza-Mezza.