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Jul 26, 2014 09:36 AM

Afternoon tea places for a birthday?

I'm looking for a nice place to have the whole nine yards afternoon tea experience (scones, little sandwiches, etc.) Any new places to try in the Bay Area? I've been to all the hotels - Ritz, Palace - and some of the smaller places like Lovejoy's, but I wanted to see what else is out there. Willing to drive...Thanks!

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  1. The owner of Lovejoy's has a second location in Pacifica. It's located right on Highway 1 at Rockaway in a cute little cottage. I believe it is pretty much the same menu as Lovejoy's.

    Lovey's Tea Shoppe

    Could be nice if you wanted to combine your tea with a little beach walk.

    1. Try Tal-Y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe.

      Best scones in the city and great atmosphere!

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        Went there years and years ago and liked it, especially the motorloaf. This may be the one - thanks!

      2. Have to put in a plug for lovely afternoon tea at Pardee Home Museum in Oakland, though I think it may be hard to get a reservation there these days since they have a bunch of rave reviews and only do one seating at a time. Price went up to $30 (from $25). Still a steal.

        1. Haven't been personally, but my aunt said that the English Rose in Pleasanton offers a nice afternoon tea, and that they were very generous with letting you try many different types of tea.

          1. Dartealing at 3rd and Bryant. I took my daughter there for tea/lunch and thought the food was solid and liked the atmosphere more that Lovejoys (seemed brighter/cleaner). Kind of stealth from the outside, you'd walk right by it if you weren't looking for it. I'm not a tea drinker so I can't speak to the tea quality.