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Jul 26, 2014 09:23 AM

San Antonio

So many amazing choices.
I've narrowed our list to:
Lulu Bakery and Cafe

What would you eliminate?

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  1. All of them except The Cove, but that's me. Sound's like you're staying on or near the riverwalk, what are you looking for?

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      1. re: Texasproud

        La Gloria
        The Fruteria
        Rosario's is probably the best one on your list.

    1. Lulu's didn't excite me when we went. CFS tastes like it was tenderized/marinated with vinegar and gravy appeared to be out of a box.

      1. But it's huge, guess that's the appeal, this is SA

        1. I'd add Mi Tierra, sometimes the food is very good but it's the place itself which is fantastic.

          1. We weren't overly impressed with the food at Acenar. And the service was terrible on our visit. Just my two cents.