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Jul 26, 2014 09:15 AM

Barcelona and Madrid Honeymoon

Hi all,

My wife and I will be on our honeymoon in October and will be spending 5 nights in Barcelona and 2 nights in Madrid (the rest of the time is in Italy). I haven't had much of a chance to look into good eats in Barcelona or Madrid as the two weeks in Italy have taken up most of my research time. I know one night in Madrid we will be going to Botin for some roast suckling pig as I had a great meal there in 2008. After that, we are open to any suggestions. We are adventurous eaters and are down to try pretty much anything and I should note that my wife is a shellfish fiend. We tend to like more traditional restaurants rather than molecular gastronomy type meals. Price is not much of an issue but we are not trying to spend much more than $100 per person. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Thank you!

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  1. El Gran Barril (Madrid) offers a first class shellfish in a place with a nice modern decor that is bar and restaurant. Although seafood is never cheap price does not reach the excellent but pricey O'Pazo. El Gran Barril also has good fish: pixín (monkfish) and merluza (hake); good Iberian ham, seafood rice (for two people) and meat (sirloin). Under € 100 pp

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      That place looks perfect. Any Barcelona recs? I will eventually research the board but I am being lazy right now. LOL