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Jul 26, 2014 09:04 AM

spending 6 days in chicago...

staying at the windham riverfront and would like to get the names of some closeby places to eat. i would prefer mid priced ethnic lunch and dinner suggestions. as i am not at all familiar with the city, i would like places to be either close to the hotel or near some sort of public transportation

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  1. Funny, just a few days ago someone asked the exact same question as yours:

    would like restaurants near the wyndham grand on the riverfront -

    You can look in the same places mentioned there for recommendations, as follows. Recently there was a question about dining options within walking distance of the Langham, which is right across the river from the Wyndham Grand Chicago Riverfront. All the recommendations posted in that discussion, which include numerous affordable options as well as ethnic dining spots, would apply equally to staying at the Wyndham Grand:

    August Long weekend restaurant suggestions -

    Similarly, this other recent topic inquired about moderately-priced dining near the Sheraton, which is a couple of blocks east, so those recommendations would also apply to the Wyndham Grand:

    Any Neighborhood joints near the Sheraton on E North Water St.? -

    Bottom line, as weinstein indicates below, there are many, many excellent restaurants, with a wide variety of price ranges and cuisines, including many of the city's best, all within a 10-15 minute walk of the Wyndham Grand. Along with the other hotels nearby, it's a great place to stay for its proximity to restaurants!

    1. You are in a great spot - there are plenty of spots within walking distance - you have examples of Chicago style deep dish pizza including the birth place of Uno's and its sister restaurant Due's or some of the offspring including Pizano's and Lou Malnatis -

      The Rick Bayless restaurants Frontera Grilla and Xoco wre close by as well

      1. You are also within walking distance, just north of the river, of Slurping Turtle ( Japanese noodles and small plates) and not far from Greektown, about 1 mile to the west. Or walk to the red line El stop (actually underground, not elevated) at State and Lake to go south to Chinatown or north to the Uptown neighborhood, where you will find Vietnamese, Chinese, and assorted other ethnic restos -- e.g., Ethiopian at Demera, Tell us which of these ethnic types of cuisine are of interest and we can recommend additional specific restaurants.

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          slurping turtle demara sound great to me. what about a good dim sum place for Sunday brunch?

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            I have not done dim sun for brunch in years but Phoenix in Chinatown, is a perennial favorite:
            You can get there on the red line El by going south (towards 95th St.) and getting off at the Cermak Rd/ Chinatown stop. It's within a block of the El. There is also a water taxi that runs to Chinatown that you can board at the river & Michigan Ave,, as well as other points to the west along the river.