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Jul 26, 2014 07:07 AM

Winston-Salem/Greensboro BBQ open on Sundays

I'm in Winston-Salem for a wedding and want to try some good NC BBQ. The wedding is taking up the shoe day Saturday, though, so I only have Sunday free to explore. Unfortunately, it looks like every BBQ place I can find is closed on Sundays. I've checked out Little Richards, Stameys, Prissy Pollys, Short Sugars, and Bibs. Is there anything else?

And a follow up: if BBQ isn't in the cards, where should I eat for my only lunch in the area?

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  1. I would try milner's on Stratford and have the fried chicken or pimento burger. Or try Honey pot down town their fried chix is good too as are most apps. Finally I would also consider Mozelle's.

    1. Sunday's a tough day for BBQ anywhere in NC. How far are you willing to drive? 25 min. gets you to Lexington, where Smiley's is open on Sundays. They cook over wood - it's not as good as Lexington #1 or the other really elite places but is absolutely acceptable in a pinch and captures the classic style of that part of the state. If I were visiting from out of state, I wouldn't hesitate burning a meal there.

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        +1 for Smiley's.

        I work in Lexington on weekends now. Unfortunately, I can't change my screen name to "Sue in Lex #1-ville". I got to Lex ! on Saturdays and Smiley's on Sundays. It will do you right.

      2. Little Richard's on 421 is open on Sunday, maybe 20 minutes from W-S?

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          The Little Richards in Walkertown is open on Sunday, and is even closer to W-S than the Yadkinville location.

          Caveat: The original Little Richards (on Country Club Road in W-S) is not affiliated with the Yadkinville, Walkertown, Mt. Airy or Clemmons locations (to my understanding), and I have no idea if they are as good.

          ETA: the Wallburg location (15 minutes from W-S, with the same ownership as the original on Country Club Road), is open on Sunday. I'd say that's the OP's best bet.


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            Updating to add: I ate lunch at the Wallburg Little Richards today and it was excellent. Really good 'q. Get it coarse chopped; the Davidson County places chop so find that the regular chopped is minced very fine.

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              Update 2: Had lunch at the Yadkinville Little Richard's today and it was excellent. Had the coarse chopped (really large chunks)...great smoke flavor, very tender. Pintos and fried okra for sides. Really good.