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Winston-Salem/Greensboro BBQ open on Sundays

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I'm in Winston-Salem for a wedding and want to try some good NC BBQ. The wedding is taking up the shoe day Saturday, though, so I only have Sunday free to explore. Unfortunately, it looks like every BBQ place I can find is closed on Sundays. I've checked out Little Richards, Stameys, Prissy Pollys, Short Sugars, and Bibs. Is there anything else?

And a follow up: if BBQ isn't in the cards, where should I eat for my only lunch in the area?

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  1. I would try milner's on Stratford and have the fried chicken or pimento burger. Or try Honey pot down town their fried chix is good too as are most apps. Finally I would also consider Mozelle's.

    1. Sunday's a tough day for BBQ anywhere in NC. How far are you willing to drive? 25 min. gets you to Lexington, where Smiley's is open on Sundays. They cook over wood - it's not as good as Lexington #1 or the other really elite places but is absolutely acceptable in a pinch and captures the classic style of that part of the state. If I were visiting from out of state, I wouldn't hesitate burning a meal there.

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        +1 for Smiley's.

        I work in Lexington on weekends now. Unfortunately, I can't change my screen name to "Sue in Lex #1-ville". I got to Lex ! on Saturdays and Smiley's on Sundays. It will do you right.

      2. Little Richard's on 421 is open on Sunday, maybe 20 minutes from W-S?

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          The Little Richards in Walkertown is open on Sunday, and is even closer to W-S than the Yadkinville location.


          Caveat: The original Little Richards (on Country Club Road in W-S) is not affiliated with the Yadkinville, Walkertown, Mt. Airy or Clemmons locations (to my understanding), and I have no idea if they are as good.

          ETA: the Wallburg location (15 minutes from W-S, with the same ownership as the original on Country Club Road), is open on Sunday. I'd say that's the OP's best bet.


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            Updating to add: I ate lunch at the Wallburg Little Richards today and it was excellent. Really good 'q. Get it coarse chopped; the Davidson County places chop so find that the regular chopped is minced very fine.