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Jul 26, 2014 06:20 AM

Williamstown, MA

Before traveling to Williamstown I searched Chowhound for some suggestions and found very little information. Two places we ate at there were, Hops and Vines for dinner and Tunnel City Coffee for breakfast. Hops and Vines has great food but is a tad expensive. I particularly recommend having a gin martini made with Greylock Ethereal Gin. Also try the Buffalo Crisps for a unique appetizer, and finish with the strawberry rhubarb crisp.
Tunnel City Coffee is the happening place for breakfast in town. Besides quality breakfast pastries they sell pint containers with cereal or granola that are designed for adding milk. A pretty cool idea which I have never seen before.

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  1. Next time you might consider putting in a new question as well as relying on the search---
    That would have got you information about Mezze, which is a wonderful restaurant, and convenient to the theater (if you remember to reserve in advance!). It's expensive, but really worth the money.

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      Reviews here on Chowhound might scare someone away.

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        Which reviews? From 2010? Or 2014?
        Look again, I think.

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          2014. Mine and I shared it with non-Chowhound friends who agreed that the food is excellent, but the service can be frustrating. Which, for the money being charged, makes it not worth returning to.

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        Yeah, I'd ask rather than search. I'd have told you about PUBLIC in North Adams, for example.

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          I wasn't that impressed with Public, maybe we went on an off night. I never heard of beer being served in a Highball glass, the bun for my burger was stale and the burger was overcooked and when the waitress was notified the response was "huh". There was no offer to remake the burger at all. The fries were soggy and the calamari was rubbery. However, aside from the burgers, my daughters Mac and Cheese was very well made and quite ample in portion size. I'll try it again because I believe all establishments need a second chance.