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Jul 26, 2014 04:14 AM

'Fast Food Seeks Virtuous Side' - article in NY Times about regional fast food chains offering better food

It's an interesting article about small regional fast food chains (some with less than 10 locations) that offer meals with ingredients such as local, organic produce, grass fed beef, "humanely raised" beef, etc. Not surprisingly, most seem to be in locations where a higher price point is likely to be accepted -- e.g. NYC, Santa Monica.

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  1. <higher price point is likely to be accepted>

    No joke. $12 salads? In my area I can go to a white tablecloth, farm-to-fork restaurant and order salads off the lunch menu for $8 - $12 or off the dinner menu for $15 or $16. That includes an indulgent atmosphere, professional waiter service, and zero hassle.

    The concept may have legs, but not in every market. At least not without adjustment.