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Jul 26, 2014 04:00 AM

Flatbread in Westchester

This probably sounds like a dumb question, but I want to make grilled flatbread pizza and I don't want to make the flatbread. I never see it in the stores. Does anyone know where to buy it? Does it have another name? Thanks!

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  1. Most markets have flat pita breads that can be used as a pizza base. Could probably bake partially until the toppings start to melt and then finish on the grill

    1. Keep an eye out for lavash. It can work pretty well, though it is very thin. (Http:// I've also done it with commercially-prepared naan in a pinch, though it tends to be doughier.

      ETA: I would check out Yaranush on Central Avenue in White Plains.

      1. You can buy pizza dough and then stretch out smaller pieces and grill them, then put on your toppings.

        Stew Leonard's sells pizza dough, as will just about any pizzeria.

        If you have time to stop by MELT in White Plains, see the way they make the flatbread for their sandwiches and pizzas. They make it right on the open grill. I bet if you ask they'd sell you the flatbread for your own grilled pizza.

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          Thanks. Yes, I usually buy pizza dough at Iron Tomato. But I really don't get to White Plains much and was looking at an easier dough to deal with. I thought the small flatbreads would work well.

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            Since Melt is just a few blocks from Iron Tomato, maybe next time you're there you can see if they'll sell you the grilled flatbread. Or call ahead.

            You're in Golden's Bridge, right? What's that pizza place near the A&P? I bet they'd sell you pizza dough.