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Jul 25, 2014 09:06 PM

AYCE Korean BBQ for 1 person (most AYCE places require a 2-person minimum)

Hi, can anyone please recommend a Korean BBQ AYCE option in the Los Angeles area that allows 1 person? I hear that most AYCE restaurants require a 2 person minimum. Thanks very much.

Is Choeng Wun the only AYCE place that allows 1 person?

I learned that Choi Ga Nei Korean BBQ allows 1 person, but the AYCE option starts at $21.99 for single diners. They don't allow single diners to choose the lower-priced options.

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  1. I'll join in this solo quest. Where can I do AYCE Korean bbq as a single? And I'm interested in other solo possibilities, buffets or combos, reachable from the westside.

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      what we need is an app that sets you up with other AYCE Korean BBQ singles to give you purchasing power

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        I am trademarking those...

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            Very clever -- took me a second to get it!

    2. This is more of a novelty response than anything. Szechuan Hot Pot in Monterey Park also has an all you can eat Korean bbq option for $7.99 at lunch, $10.99 at dinner, an extra dollar on weekends, and you can eat by yourself. This is an alternative to their similarly priced AYCE hotpot. Even though they raised their price by $1, I still don't understand the business plan because it seems to me the cost of the raw ingredients (which in fact are quite decent) you consume exceeds the price. Maybe they hope to make it up in volume.

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        Thanks so much, Chandavkl. I'll check them out the next time I'm in Monterey Park.

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          includes chilean sea bass (granted, it's the belly & skeleton cuts)!

          and IIRC it's the shabu-shabu/hot pot that's the deal, the BBQ is an extra $2 per person.