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Jul 25, 2014 08:01 PM

Mobile text size with new format

On my iPhone the listing of latest replies in My Discussions now has the topic titles in a font size that is half of what it used to be AND considerably smaller than the 'conversation' icon, the # of replies, or the date (which BTW doesn't always fit in the screen).

I won't pile on to the huge new topic taking issue with this new release, though I'm not pleased with what I've seen so far. I just have enough trouble reading the small screen without this new wrinkle.

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    1. re: Kris in Beijing

      Can I just chime in to say VERY VERY small. Cannot read. Blerg.

    2. And even better, variation in smallness.

      1. Also seems to load pages more slowly than before. Wonder if it's the added 'buttons' and icons.

        1. Hey guys, we're not seeing these issues present on iOS and we're hoping that you had a cached version of the page returning immediately after the launch.

          Are you still seeing the smaller fonts today? If so, can you clear your browser cache for us and let us know if that resolves it? I've attached two images here for you to compare to.

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          1. re: patsully

            I'm always reluctant to do mass clearing because I don't want to lose passwords and links. IOS Safari cache is cleared by clearing all "cookies and data". Can u tell me what else I'm going to lose.

            1. re: patsully

              Yes just happened again. I have ios 7.1.2 on my phone. Trying to link pic here.

              1. re: LNG212

                Just did it again and seems to go back and forth. So I'll put 2 pix here to show the difference.

                1. re: LNG212

                  Isn't the second picture how it should look? It's differentiating read and unread posts by different font weight more than shading.

                  1. re: MplsM ary

                    The shading with correct size, yes. But if you notice in the first picture all fonts are super tiny. That's what people are noticing and asking to be fixed. Sometimes I'm getting the correct font (2nd pic) and sometimes I'm getting the very-difficult-to-read font (1st pic). Seemingly with no rhyme or reason.

                  2. re: LNG212

                    Thanks, the second picture is correct and the inconsistency is usually the result of visiting a page that has been cached.

                    1. re: patsully

                      You can keep using that as an explanation, but caching would not explain how I'm seeing both small and large fonts on the same page.

                      1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

                        Exactly. I'm getting that too where some post titles are normal sized and some are tiny. In addition, within a thread I'm also seeing some replies in normal font and some really tiny. (And no, it's not just "old" ones that are tiny and "new" ones that are regular.)

                      2. re: patsully

                        Your 118k mobile .css file has two conflicting font sizes for the same class. Possibly since the css file is so large, the page renders it at the smaller size before it loads the larger size further down the stylesheet.

                        .boards_table .heading {font-size:14px;...
                        .boards_table .heading {font-size:32px;...

                        1. re: ChocolateMilkshake

                          Thanks guys, we're diving into this now. Really appreciate the extra info.

                  3. re: patsully

                    I've noticed this as well, it's on and off. If you reload the page when it happens it seems to fix itself.

                    My biggest current complaint about viewing from my iphone is I have a problem telling what threads are shading, indicating no new posts in them. In the images copy pasted here it is much clearer than when I view it directly on my phone. Perhaps the background lighting when I'm viewing it is affecting it. ((Shrugs)) I dunno...

                  4. I'm not going to clear all the cookies and data in Safari until I can find out what ELSE that will do, so I tried deleting my home screen link which took me directly to my MY DISCUSSIONS page, then rebooted my iPhone. That didn't change anything BUT, in the process, I have found that if I switch from LAST REPLY to REPLIES or DATE those views are in the correct size font AND, when I switch BACK to LAST REPLY..... IT is also then in the correct font size. It's only going directly to LAST REPLY where I see the font problem.

                    Hopefully this is of some value to the techs.