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Jul 25, 2014 05:40 PM

Mimi Cheng's Dumpling's: Meh Meh

Cute spot, small but airy, with communal tables and counters [ledges?] along the walls. Counter service is very friendly.

l had the "Reinvented Classic" dumplings: minced organic pork and chive. l thought the filling was very underwhelming, but the skin was very good, thin and crispy from the frying. The much-hyped dumpling sauce was, um, much-hyped. Tasted like vinegary dumpling sauce to me, but it did make the dumplings taste better. House-made lemonade was very good, nice and astringent, not too sweet, quite refreshing.

At $8.00 for six dumplings, this place is no bargain, and, given my druthers, l'll take Prosperity or any number of others.

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  1. I tried it as well and agree overall. You cant mix and match the 3 kinds so if you are alone you are pretty much stuck to one kind. Although after one bite my disappointment that you cant mix was gone because I couldn't really taste what I was eating anyway. Could have been turtle meat as far I know. But the excellent dough saved it to make it a respectable dumpling but not something I'd rush back for. And to compare the price to prosperity...

    PS. Because of the new Chowhound design and their odd choice of icons, I can only "Recommend" the female posts from now on. No offense Houdini

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      None taken! I'll just post as a female from here on in.

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        To me Prosperity seems dirty and the dumplings greasy and MSG laden. Not to mention the gruff proprietor. I much prefer the recently renovated Tasty Dumpling on Mulberry Street. Definitely worth the extra 25 cents

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          "To me Prosperity seems dirty and the dumplings greasy and MSG laden"

          Hmm, you saying it like its a bad thing...

          I haven't tried Tasty, but I prefer Prosperity over the less MSG laden Vanessa down the block

      2. I love the title of this post :)

        I'll echo all the sentiments about Mimi Cheng's in this thread.

        I have no problem paying any price for excellent food.. but this was just plain meh (for lack of a better word), and I could not justify the $1+ per piece price tag.

        I'm happy to read that there are quite a few other recommendations mentioned here: Vanessa's, Prosperity (which had a huge line up when we walked by last weekend), and Tasty

        1. I was walking by Mimi Cheng's and had to stop in. It looked very clean, and i saw them making fresh dumplings, not frozen. So many places have those frozen 6 for $1 dumplings. So I was excited and hoped they would be good. I ordered the pork dumplings. They should call them cabbage dumplings. There was very little pork in these. There was very little flavor in these. They could have used at least a bit of ginger, something to kick it up a notch or two. So, disappointed , I moved on to the special dessert dumpling. It was dough wrapped around the stickiest peanut butter. Not good, couldn't finish them. I won't be back there.