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Jul 25, 2014 03:31 PM

Can I use white organic bazmati rice past its expiration date?

Can I use white organic bazmati rice past its expiration date? It's already 3 months past its experation date, but I kept it in the fridge and there are no maggots in there. 10% of the rice has a whiter complexion than the rest of the rice, though. Not sure if that's considered to be mold, but it doesn't smell.

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  1. I wouldn't think twice about using it. Some people age rice for years.

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    1. re: jpc8015

      Then what's the purpose of its expiration date?

      1. re: nycguy20011

        For rice? Basically it's a CYA type thing and also to get you buy more.

        Most of my rice comes with a "best by" date, supposedly the quality starts to diminish starting at that time but I have never noticed any difference months after the best by dates.

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          What is the purpose of the expiration date on bottled water?

          Here is a previous conversation on a similar subject:

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          I HAVE had rice turn rancid but if memory serves, it was always brown rice, not white. As long as it does not look or smell wrong, I would use it.

          Younger cooks may not know that a few decades ago, there was no such thing as dating on packaging.

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            Yes, what grey said. (Damn the heart thing.)

        3. Smell it. If the rice hasn't turned rancid, eat it. Basmati does turn. Taught me not to buy huge bags just for the better price.

          1. White rice turns rancid too. Just like any grain.

            I opened up a vacuum sealed bag of arborio rice that was 9 months past it's expiration to use for risotto and it was rancid. Hello take out pizza!

            Don't go by the date. Go by the smell of the product

            1. What's the reason for refrigeration? I'd think the moisture wouldn't be good for rice?? I keep things like rice, dried beans, small pasta in quart mason jars or other "air tight" containers... mostly to deter unwelcome critters. Have ad rice get a little stale and beans be so old they pretty much refused to cook, but they never really go bad?!? And rice THREE months pas expiration date is NOTHING! I wouldn't hesitate for a msec to cook and eat it.

              1. It has an expiry date? What on earth for?

                As long as it's not completely bug eaten, I'd use it. I'd wash it first, but I live in the tropics where bugs get in the rice, so that's just what I do.