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Jul 25, 2014 02:59 PM

Trattoria Il Mulino- Worst Dining Experience in a very long time.

Went for a restaurant week dinner on a Wednesday night. We were promptly seated for our 6:45 reservation. Were handed the regular menus. When we asked for the restaurant week menu, there was a huge frown from our waiter.

After ordering, the appetizers came out rather quickly, and the portions were so small it was as joke. I ordered the grilled octopus, and there were three minuscule pieces on the plate with a large potato. It was like it was a leftover of someone else's order.

We ordered an additional on menu pasta dish, which took over an hour to come out. When it finally did, it was over cooked, mushy, and not very hot. At this point, we were starving so we ate it.

Now the fun began. After another hour, the waiter came by to tell us our mains would be out in "6 to 7 minutes". While we were waiting, we noticed a bunch of tables complaining to management about where their food was. We watched as two tables got up and left. We watch managers scurry from table to table. It was horrible.

Almost two hours after we sat down for dinner, our main courses were finally served. They came out hot, except, one of our diners (we were four people), ordered the truffle pizza without mushrooms, and of course the pie came with mushrooms; as did the second one. They got it right on the third try.

At the two and a half hour mark, (9:15), dessert had not come, but I had a two hour commute and was the host, and went to pay the bill. The manager basically did nothing but tell me to call him personally next time I came back. Was he kidding? With all the wonderful restaurants in NY, why would I ever go back there. By the way dessert came for my guests at 9:30.

One more note: I sent an email to Il Mulino Corporate the next day to tell them about this fiasco. Needless to say, in the words of Phil Collins: No Reply At All.

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  1. Good morning Sockster -

    We would like to learn more about your experience at Trattoria Il Mulino. Please call 212.223.8848 or email when you have a moment.

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    1. re: IMNYFeedback

      I actually did send an email on your corporate site...on the form provided and no reply.

      1. re: sockster

        I think the food at Il Mulino on W. 3rd St is really good. Tables a little close to each other , but I never heard of Trattoria Il Mulino. Is that a new restaurant?

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Looks like Sockster went to this Il Mulino restaurant, not the one on 3rd St:

          (although they both have the same owner)

          1. re: sockster

            Seems they weren't interested in hearing about your experience until you posted here.

            1. re: City Kid

              That's correct. This said, they have been in touch and are very concerned. I will post more here later when I have results.

        2. Why do I get a feeling that truffle pizza with no mushroom had extra unwanted topping on it.
          yikes, sorry to hear about your experience.

          1. I'm curious as to why you went during RW and ordered from the RW menu. I've seen your posts around the world and have felt like I've been stalking your restaurant choices before. I would have thought someone of your background would have given RW and its issues a wide berth. Your experience was pretty bad, but its not inconsistent with what I have seen happen during RW and why I avoid it.

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            1. re: Bkeats

              Truthfully, my (adult kids) wanted to go there- they loved the menu. They didn't love the experience.

              I appreciate the stalking btw!!!

              1. re: Bkeats

                That seems odd to me. I always felt RW was a great avenue for exploring new places. If they treat you well during RW, you can be pretty sure they'll treat you well at other times.

                Thanks, Sockster - I was just about to scout them out for RW myself.

                1. re: Fida

                  Just to let you all know, as you can see from the post to me from IMNY, they actually were very concerned. I've actually spoken to the owner of the company that owns their restaurants and they were aghast at what happened to us that night. They actually had their head chef call me to hear the story first hand.

                  The level of concern was genuine and actually very impressive. Amongst other things, they've invited me back to give them another try, and based on everything they did to convince me that the night we were there was an abnormal situation.I will go back and give them another try.

                  Fida, I'm with you, RW is a great time to try new restaurants. After all the communication from Trattoria Il Mulino, I'd love you to go and post your thoughts.

                  1. re: sockster

                    I'm glad they are trying to make it right, and that you're giving them another chance to make it right.

                    FWIW, I think Restaurant Week is a terribly way to try new restaurants. I think the whole thing is a fiasco.

                    1. re: Blumie

                      I'm with Blumie. I think RW is a terrible time to check out a restaurant you have been meaning to go to. The RW menu is usually a list of three apps and mains that are not part of the normal menu. They are designed principally for ease of preparation and minimal costs and do not reflect what the restaurant is capable of. FOS staff is overrun and the service suffers. While sockster's experience was extreme, its indicative of what happens during RW. I make it a point to avoid restaurants that are participating in RW during those 2 weeks. Fortunately, most of my regular places have dropped out of RW.

                    2. re: sockster

                      That's great. I hope they do things right the second time.

                      1. re: sockster

                        Just to come back to this topic, As you can see I wrote the restaurant was very concerned about what happened- as soon as I wrote this, they lost all contact and did nothing for me. Too bad. We won't be going back!

                        1. re: sockster

                          I don't understand. Your last comment said they'd invited you to return and that you'd take them up on the offer. Were they supposed to arrange something and/or make sure you were comp'd to some extent?

                          1. re: Shrub

                            Yes, they were supposed to arrange something- Chef was to call me...a gift cert was supposed to be sent. And nothing happened. They did refund the first meal.