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Jul 25, 2014 02:14 PM

Guanciale in Columbus Ohio

Can anybody point me in a good direction to get Guanciale in Columbus Oh? I checked Carfagnas (they don't have it, despite what they say on the phone), whole foods, the North Market, Vincenzo's, and Market District with no luck. I considered ordering off the inter web, but it was all a little $$$$ once you factored in the $30 of shipping everyone wanted.


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  1. try making it... pretty easy and will taste way better than anything bought, just takes time! I bought cheeks from a local PDX farm called Tail and Trotters (hazelnut fed pork)... awesome flavor!

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      That looks great. I love guanciale, possibly the best piece on the entire animal.
      We get Tails and Trotters here in Seattle too, great stuff.
      Mind sharing how you made it. I want to get into curing meats but have fairly limited space. I could possibly buy a wine fridge or something similar.

    2. Have you tried Thurn's Specialty Meats? Weinlands would be a long shot, but you could call... The Market in Italian Village has a small selection, but alot of it is speciality stuff, so they might have something...

      1. You might be able to call Falters on the South Side, they process pigs and cows there and if you can't get "guanciale" I am sure you can get smoked jowls or just plain jowls. I am surprised Bluescreek in the North Market couldn't hook you up, they may not have had any on hand, but if you ask they can special order it for you. Check Schumann's Meats and the Meat Packers Outlet downtown, again if they don't have it, you can ask and usually they can get it for you.