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Guanciale in Columbus Ohio

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Can anybody point me in a good direction to get Guanciale in Columbus Oh? I checked Carfagnas (they don't have it, despite what they say on the phone), whole foods, the North Market, Vincenzo's, and Market District with no luck. I considered ordering off the inter web, but it was all a little $$$$ once you factored in the $30 of shipping everyone wanted.


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  1. try making it... pretty easy and will taste way better than anything bought, just takes time! I bought cheeks from a local PDX farm called Tail and Trotters (hazelnut fed pork)... awesome flavor!

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      That looks great. I love guanciale, possibly the best piece on the entire animal.
      We get Tails and Trotters here in Seattle too, great stuff.
      Mind sharing how you made it. I want to get into curing meats but have fairly limited space. I could possibly buy a wine fridge or something similar.

    2. Have you tried Thurn's Specialty Meats? Weinlands would be a long shot, but you could call... The Market in Italian Village has a small selection, but alot of it is speciality stuff, so they might have something...