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Beer Camp

Has anybody had any of these yet? Have you actually seen these cases in any stores near you? Apparently this is the Must Have beer release of the summer... *sigh* Still not sure how it works exactly. Are they all collaborations between Sierra Nevada and the other breweries mentioned or is Sierra Nevada releasing their versions of these breweries beers?


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  1. I hadn't heard of beer camp but my local had a bunch of the collaborations on tap. The Siera combos with allagash, cigar city and Russian River were all good.

    1. I tried a collab with New Glarus on draught. It was a solid ESB but nothing particularly special.

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        No surprise, really, because New Glarus is such a fantastic brewery.

      2. I bought a box a couple of weeks ago. Overall I enjoyed most of the beers, although didn't find any of them truly outstanding. Seems rather typical of most beers Sierra Nevada has a hand in. Solid but unspectacular, sold at a fair price. Worth picking up a box if you come across it, but most likely nothing in there will make you rush out to buy another box.

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          I feel like Sierra is in some ways constrained by their history and their market share. Where Rogue continues to try new and weird things, with varying degrees of success, Sierra's lineup feels a little tired to me, though there are some notable exceptions like Celebration, Bigfoot, the Ovila series, and the one-offs they did like the Imperial Stout collaboration with Fritz Maytag, which was a really impressive beer.

          They have a tasting room in Berkely and it was pretty disappointing working our way through the lineup.

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            Now that you mention it, Josh, Sierra Nevada seems about halfway between Rogue and Anchor Brewing on the scale of daring new products.

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              Now that Fritz has sold Anchor they've been releasing a lot more beer. Some are pretty good (Cloud Stout), some are pretty terrible (Saison, blech), some are just weird (Biere de garde made from Anchor's house yeast strain).

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                Actually, you are right, though Anchor has yet to become the "Pete's Wicked" of the current era. When I saw a Pete's Wicked Strawberry beer (light blonde colour) I was certain it was the end for PW, which happened not so long after that.

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                  Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde was first released in 1996, while the "Pete's Wicked" brand was discontinued by then-owner Gambrinus in 2011.

        2. Saw it at Costco today. Not inexpensive!

          1. Sorry this is off topic but I had to read this thread based on the title as I was envisioning, ya know, Beer Camp. Beds made out of cases, capture the keg, beer pong (duh), shuffleboard with giant beer caps, duck duck beer. Beer camp.

            Still, good luck in your quest!

            1. So I sucked it up and got a case this weekend. Interestingly, I must have called three or four top notch beer places and they all said they sold out almost as soon as they got them in. But when I went to one of my local supermarkets there was a big stack of them just sitting in the middle of the isle... untouched and passed by endless people going to get bud light and similar. Hide in plain site! And certainly probably spooked by the $24/12 pack price. While Im generally fairly jaded about these things, anytime I can walk into a grocery store in Virginia and see a half case of beer with the names "Russian River" and "Three Floyds" and "New Glarus" and "Ballast Point" on the box I have to take a few seconds to squelch the instinct to grab them all and run. I realize to a lot of you west coasters most of those are readily available but to us its like stumbling across Westy 12 behind the Miller High Life cases at the gas station...

              Ive only had a few and I would concur that the ones Ive had were fine so far. Nothing mind blowing. Although I did quite enjoy the Firestone Walker Hoppy Pilsner. That was right up my alley. Wouldnt mind getting a case of that alone. Is it supposed to be pretty much a copy of the Pivo? Or is there an element that SN introduces that makes it different?

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                I guess Costco's price was a bargain at, I believe, $37 for a case.

              2. 12 packs in my area were going for $23 - $25. I have tried all but the two belgian styles which I have to be really in the mood for to enjoy. Impressed by the Hoppy Pilsner and thought the rye bock, scottish ale, and espresso stout were good as far as malt heavy beers go. The rest meh. Many of the "hoppy" ones seemed to suffer from hop fade being already two months old when it hit shelves.

                1. They're all collaborations with the other breweries. I liked Tater Ridge, Electruc Ray, Maillards Odyssey and the Russian River one...can't remember the name.