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Jul 25, 2014 01:03 PM

Restaurant Suggestion in Lambertville

Any suggestions? Open to anything pretty much, thanks.

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    1. What exactly are you looking for? D'Floret has excellent food and seeing Chef Foy cook is quite an experience, but there are other good places. The Pass is excellent. Brian's is very good. If you are looking for something casual, Marhaba has good food.

      1. I'd recommend El Tule located right on Main St. It is a small place serving sophisticated Peruvian and Mexican fare in a homey atmosphere. Great fresh fish dishes, esp. the ceviche. Great food, and reasonable prices as well. (BTW this is true Mexican fare, not tex-mex or americanized)

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        1. re: PuniceaRana

          Agree here, too. Not only is this "true Mexican fare", but it is "true Peruvian fare", as well. Order the ceviche tasting platter.

        2. Spaetzle, this subject has been discussed many times here. Simply search for prior threads using the search feature, above.

          That said, my favorite is certainly The Pass. D'floret is excellent, too, as is the Hamilton Grill Room. Via Ponte in Stockton for outstanding Italian.