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Jul 25, 2014 12:50 PM

reheating spaghetti

How do you reheat spaghetti in a stainless steel frying pan so it doesn't stick to the pan? I'm not frying the spaghetti. What I did was get the pan hot on high heat and then put in the spaghetti along with some olive oil, butter, and basil and stir just long enough for it to get warm, maybe 30 seconds or so and it came out good except that some stuck to the pan.

There was shrimp in there too, should I have reheated them separately?

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  1. I would preheat the oil in the pan on low heat - add the spaghetti and some extra water or sauce for moisture and allowed it to come to temp slowly - stirring as necessary

    cold food + high heat = stick every time

    1. I wouldn't use that pan for that. I would look for a non stick pan.

      1. A cast iron pan is better for this.

        1. I would remove the shrimp and first reheat the spaghetti, then add back the shrimp just for a minute or two before serving, so they heat up just a bit.

          PS: but if instead of shrimp, it's spaghetti with meat sauce, then by all means Fry that spaghetti! Scrape up what sticks, stir, repeat. OMG yes.

          1. Thank you :)

            So low heat in a non stick or cast iron pan (I use non stick at home but was at my father's house) and put the shrimp in at the end. I also put the basil in at the end cause I saw a video that said to