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Best Seafood North End

Hi all, I'm taking out a client from CA for dinner on Sunday night in the North End and he's looking for "great Boston seafood." Where would you go for the best seafood there? Thanks!

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  1. Neptune is far and away the best seafood in the North End. However they do not take reservations and the wait will be long. If you have the time, you can go put your name in and walk around the North End and have a drink. They will call your cell when your seats are available.

    If you want something more Italian style, the Daily Catch still does a pretty good job.

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      Neptune. But it will be crowded, and you will have to go early and put your name in and then go to a nearby bar to wait for them to call you.

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        Daily Catch is cash only....just so you know.

      2. in the north end i 3rd neptune, but there will be a huge wait.

        row 34 in the seaport is another option and walking distance from the north end.

          1. Why seafood in the North End?

            The Neptune attitude repels me, but the Row 34 suggestion is a great one, although not that close to the North End.

            Daily Catch is good but perhaps not client-worthy.

            1. We enjoyed Mare when we ate there a couple of years ago.

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                I love Mare as well. On a nice day, the windows are all open - the raw options are plentiful (which I love) and there are great pasta dishes.

              2. Id take a client to Prezza. While not specifically a seafood restaurant, they several seafood dishes, all done well.

                It's one of the best restaurants in the NE.

                They also take reservations.

                I like both Neptune and Daily Catch but the no res policy and tight seating would make them a non starter for me for taking out a client.

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                  Wood grilled octopus and squid, crispy prawns and any Tuna special are the standouts for me.

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                    I love the grilled octapus and squid at Prezza.

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                    Finally went there last week, and it was excellent. Had the wood grilled octopus, prawns (big ones, head on, in deep fried kadaif, I believe). That egg ravioli was one of the best things I've eaten in a long time.

                  3. Are you discussing business? Neptune is a hole in the wall with people right next to you. Daily Catch has a little more room but still tough to carry on a conversation without people hearing.

                    I would go with The Daily Catch and this time of year would head over to the courthouse location if a nice evening.

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                      the courthouse location is on the waterfront and has a lovely view

                    2. Neptune and The Daily Catch (original location only) are my North End favorites for seafood, with the oft-mentioned caveats. Taranta and Prezza have good if fewer options, and are better suited to business entertaining, I think: they are roomier and take reservations, for starters.


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                        And Prezza has a full bar, if that sort of thing matters.

                      2. Greatly appreciate all the advice! I ended up booking a reservation at Mamma Maria's, not exactly seafood-centric but some good menu options for sure. Will check out the other revs just in case though. It is a "business" dinner of sorts, but more social nature. The reason I'm looking North End is we plan a trip to the cigar room after :)

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                          Mamma Maria is one of the top two or three restaurants in the North End. I think it would have come up in the recs frequently had you not asked for seafood.

                          Keep the rez.

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                            We had several fantastic seafood apps and mains at Mammia Maria in June - the soft shell crab was a memorable special - great place for a client dinner in a great location - best osso bucco / risotto milanese in town as well!

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                              this works for business and walking by the Paul Revere House on the cobble stones, sets the mood for both date night and getting ready to impress clients.

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                              I think Prezza might match better with an after dinner cigar room.

                              For me Mama Maria = date night, celebration night. I don't think business client meeting even if celebratory/social more then serious business discussion.

                            3. We have reservations at Prezza for a Saturday night. What is the recommended dress code?

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                                You really can wear anything. Nice jeans w/jacket or sweater would be fine.