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Jul 25, 2014 11:36 AM

Seeking local insight (DC)

Hi everyone, I'm a 'hound from a bit further up the eastern seaboard. I want to treat a friend and his family in DC to a celebratory dinner. I'd be grateful to hear any thoughts/recommendations on local restaurants in the immediate area--I'm looking for a few features in particular:
1. Tasty, thoughtful food with an emphasis on responsible/local sourcing;
2. An attractive, somewhat romantic atmosphere--preferably not extremely stuffy or formal;
3. Vegetarian/pescatarian friendly.

Any and all leads would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. What is your budget? What is the immediate area that you are interested in?

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    1. re: susabella

      Good questions. Let's say anything up to $100/$150 per head. As for location, I'm afraid I'm really not familiar with Washington DC. I am looking for something accessible to "downtown", either on foot or via short car or metro ride. Looking at a map, I'd say spots in Georgetown, Adams Morgan, Dupont Circle area, Logan Circle area, or Columbia Heights? Or anyplace else in that range out from the city center in any direction (I really don't know where the good food is to be found). Thanks for seeking clarification.

      1. re: RhodyRedHen

        my insight is to stay away from adams-morgan.

    2. What's your budget and what is the immediate area?

      1. Here is an article I wrote about Jardenea in Goergetown: It's pricey but within the budget you list in the thread. My GF and I had a great meal there. It was filled with people there for dates and for special occasions.

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          Awesome, thank you! I'll check it out.

        2. Cedar in Penn Quarter might be what you're looking for. The chef will do special veg tasting menus occasionally, so just let the chef know you're looking for when you book and he'll probably accommodate you.

          1. Hi Rhody -- enjoy your posts on the Southern NE board when I make one of my too-infrequent visits to RI. There are lots of "celebratory-type" places in DC. Living out in the far-western burbs with two young children, I don't get to go to them. LOL

            This board is pretty active, with lots of knowledgeable and opinionated hounds. You should find the perfect place! Have a great visit.

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            1. re: Bob W

              Thanks, Bob W! Alas, I won't be attending the meal--it's just a gift for friends.

              I think I stumbled across your review of Jaleo on another restaurant-review-website-that-shall-not-be-named. Did you take a pic of "baby potatoes"? They look like papas arrrugadas with mojo (red and/or green), a dish from the Canary Islands that I love to make with new baby potatoes from the garden. Authentically, I think the potatoes are boiled in salt water until there's nothing left but a wrinkly, salty crust and a creamy soft potato interior. Soooo good, but I've never seen it out at a restaurant! Jaleo is already in my good books just for that.

              1. re: RhodyRedHen

                Yeppers, that was my pedestrian lenswork and that dish indeed is papas arrugadas con mojo rojo y mojo verde! Jaleo is the real deal thanks to the master behind it, Jose Andres.