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Jul 25, 2014 11:06 AM

What is up with versions flipping back and forth?


Why is the site loading 50% of the time like normal, and 50% in this weird new format? I saw an earlier, now locked thread about it, but they said the site was stable and I'm still experiencing flip-flopping between versions.

  1. Man, the new format sucks with the little "type" icon that basically is the same conversation thing for every item. And it's harder to tell which you've read and have no new comments. (I think we're talking about the same thing.) Why do improvements never really improve things?

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    1. Things should be holding steady now, though you may see some cached versions of things. Try clearing your browser cache or hitting shift and refresh to refresh the page.

      Check out the introduction to the new formats here: and join the conversation about them here if you have more feedback: