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Jul 25, 2014 10:48 AM

Need Salt Lake City Recommendation


Long time visitor to SLC and have had enjoyable meals at Valter's Ostria and Fresca Caffe.....very happy to return to either for a nice, casual business dinner but wondering if there is a new 'must go' to place that might have opened recently.

Open to all cuisines--though, being summer, probably not into a heavy steak dinner...what about Copper Onion, Log Haven, or Caffe Molise?

Was also considering Deer Valley, until I found out Mariposa is closed for the season...anything worth the trip up to Park City or--with the excetption of Mariposa when in season, not really.

Appreciate the help.

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  1. sal_acid's your guy. I'm sure he'll pop in. Welcome back to Utah!

    1. All of those restaurants are great but Copper Onion and Log Haven definitely skew 'heavier' and richer - big flavors, meaty proteins, happy use of fat ;)

      Are you a Japanese cuisine fan? Naked Fish are doing some wonderful things right now (heck they have three sommeliers on staff...) and their Omakase is heavenly. That does require 48 hours notice - but would be perfect for a summers evening, light, vibrant and popping with flavor. Here's a story I wrote on that:

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