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Jul 25, 2014 10:04 AM

Suggestions on the Blue Line

I will be on the Blue Line next week and I'm looking for best burgers, steak, Mexican, hot dogs, pizza, bakery and high end beer selection. I see Logan Square is a hot spot. Longman and Eagle looks interesting. Sorry for the vagueness since this could probably be broken up into several discussions. Any help will be deeply appreciated.

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  1. For farm-to-table, Lula in Logan Square is good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

    For breakfast/brunch, Jam in Logan Square is great.

    For barbecue, County is near the Racine stop, and Smoque is near the Irving Park stop.

    For deep-dish pizza, Lou Malnati's is in Wicker Park just south of the Damen stop, although it's carry-out and delivery only. If you want to sit down and eat, go to Pizano's on Madison in the Loop near the Washington stop.

    For bakeries, Alliance Bakery is a few blocks west of the Division stop; Hot Chocolate has a new bakery section and is north of the Damen stop; Toni Patisserie is in the Loop at the Washington stop.

    For Mexican, Frontera Grill and Topolobampo are near the Clark/Lake stop. Or go to Mexique in West Town; it's a half mile south of the Division stop (you can transfer to the #9 bus along Ashland if you don't want to walk) or a half mile west of the Chicago Avenue stop (transfer to the #66 bus).

    For Italian, Piccolo Sogno is at the Grand stop. Tesori and Vivere are near the Monroe stop.

    For steaks, Chicago Cut Steakhouse and Bavette's are near the Clark/Lake stop.

    You'll also find recommendations in this previous discussion:

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    1. Logan Square does have some great venues; Longman & Eagle is excellent. I have heard great things about Masa Azul for Mexican but have not dined there personally. A bit of a walk (just over a mile) is a wonderful bar called Owen & Engine; fantastic beers, extremely friendly staff and outstanding cuisine. Fat Rice and Lula Cafe have excellent reputations, but not sure they fit in the category of what you are seeking. If you need a good breakfast venue then Jam is my favorite in the city and not far from the Logan Square stop.

      Another hot spot is Bucktown/Wicker Park - there are lots of great venues within a 15 minute walk of the Damen Blue Line stop:

      The Map Room: Once of the best bars in Chicago for quality/quantity of high end beers.

      Piece: Microbrewery/Pizza Venue. They serve some of my favorite pizza in Chicago (though it is thin crust, not the Deep Dish style Chicago is known for).

      Big Star: Great tacos and people watching.

      Glazed & Confused: Doughnuts

      Mindy's Hot Chocolate: One of Chicago's better pastry chef's restaurants.

      Bristol: Nice beer selection and excellent farm-to-table cuisine (including a great burger if there for weekend brunch).

      Trencherman: Might be a good option for a quality burger; also a decent beer list.

      Also near the Belmont stop is Kuma's Corner - one of our more notorious burger venues. Loud, energetic atmosphere and excellent beers available.

      1. Thanks a million, nsxtasy and Gonzo70!