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Jul 25, 2014 09:44 AM

Anyone been to Mexican Radio (Schenectady) yet?

I've been to the Mexican Radio in the city. Been a long time. I recall it was good, but not San Diego good. I have not been to the Hudson location.

I did a search of this Board and only found this older post about the Hudson location:

According to TU women@work, the owners invested $4 million. Great for downtown Schenectady. Who knew green and yellow paint cost so much? At least it's not in the Historic Stockade area. Also sounds like it will become a "chain":

The Yelp perspective:

Any hounds been to the new Schenectady location yet?

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  1. We were there for lunch this past Wednesday. I was very skeptical about what to expect after reading numerous poor reviews on Yelp. It's difficult to recall our experience at the Hudson location many years ago, other than the tables were crowded together and it was very busy. Neither was the case here.

    Our service was very good and the food was about average, nothing to wow you like the home cooking that a Mexican friend served us years ago. Yes, the prices may be a bit high for the Capital District, but we didn't leave hungry and the renovations to the old OTB are excellent. I felt like I had entered a large Mexican/western saloon. We'll probably return for dinner some day, but we're not in a rush. I'd rather support family run Mexican efforts like Mexican Market on Central in Albany, or La Mexicana on State Street in Schenectady.

    If I'm going to support a high-end Mexican restaurant chain, I've always enjoyed Rosa Mexicano at its various locations. My Mexican Radio experience is available on Yelp.

    1. Went to Mexican Radio recently. There is a community parking lot just around the corner. A great location to grab a bite if you're early for your train (Amtrak Schenectady station is nearby). Weather was gorgeous so I sat outdoors. They have a fabulous patio. The restaurant is enormous and perfect for special events. I remember shopping there in its' pre-OTB days.

      Service was very good. My margarita came just as I ordered it (I'm very particular). Served in a high ball glass, I prefer a traditional margarita glass (picky, picky). Guacamole was fresh. Could have been a little chunkier for my taste. Not properly seasoned. Needed salt and pepper. Didn't taste any cilantro.

      I had a chile rellano. Good. It came with my guacamole and chips (I should have requested and server should have asked whether I wanted both apps at the same time).

      I also had the black bean and butternut squash soup. Simple. Very good. Loved the surprising presentation.

      I'm usually a "don't eat Mexican food unless you're out West" purist and everything was good.

      Good to have another Schenectady option besides Tara Kitchen, Cella Bistro, The Bier Abbey, More Perreca's. I'd go back for drinks and appetizers when in Schenectady. I do have concerns about their future "franchise" plan. Not a fan of chains.

      1. I hate their place in Hudson. Terrible food and service. Look for real Mexican food in Kingston