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Jul 25, 2014 09:22 AM

Wine Shop in the Midcape Area With Good Inventory After Labor Day

We're headed to Chatham in September and we're debating whether to bring our own wine or chance it with wine shops on the Cape.

In the past, the shops we've tried seemed picked over by Labor Day. I imagine the small shops try to unload as much as they can before the offseason hits and don't order much new inventory until spring.

Can anyone recommend a few reliable shops fall buying? Or should we add wine to our packing list?

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  1. Just off Exit 8 on Rt 6 in Yarmouth there is Yarmouth Wine & Spirits and just up the road on the other side is Seascape Wine & Spirits. and

    1. If you don't mind driving a bit out of your specified mid-Cape area, I would recommend Orleans Wine & Spirits.

      1. Luke's Super Liquors near the Airport in Hyannis or in Brewster although the Brewster store is having some disruptive remodeling. Better than Boston prices for many of their extensive wine selection.