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Jul 25, 2014 08:48 AM

2014 Summer Restaurant Week--lunch

I'll be in Manhattan next Tuesday, and I see it's restaurant week. If anyone has any experience (good, bad, or ugly) with this year's offerings, I'd love to hear your thoughts!

My husband is leaning toward Orsay, Clement, or Les Halles (Park Ave), but we're open to suggestions!

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  1. I recently enjoyed the RW lunch menu at Ristorante Morini.

    1. IMO RW has really, really declined over the years in Manhattan. The prices haven't kept pace with inflation. Many excellent restaurants have dropped out.

      All we have lots of restaurants that ALREADY do a prix fixe lunch year round (so basically we have somewhat of a RW all year).

      I would look at Lincoln, Riverpark, and Maialino for RW lunch.

      Previous RW discussion:

      Year-round prix fixe lunch deals:

      Juni: 2 courses for $30, 3 courses for $35, weekdays only.

      Betony: 2 courses for $38, dessert for $10, weekdays only.

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        Thanks to you both (Kathryn and darren425) for your insights. Also, thanks for tactfully pointing me in the direction of extant discussions about RW--very, very helpful!

      2. Just to follow up, we had lunch at Riverpark. (Lincoln and Maialino were both booked at the times we would be available.)

        It was a lovely, lovely lunch! We had a table with a nice view, and we both really enjoyed our selections. (Corn panna cotta and pork terrine to start, sea bream and berkshire pork loin mains, and a cobbler and cream puffs for dessert.) Each dish was fresh and inventive without going overboard, and the attention to detail made all the difference, especially in the desserts.

        The portions were more generous than we expected at lunch, particularly the pork dishes. Service was friendly, knowledgeable, and incredibly attentive.

        Thanks again for pointing us in the right direction.