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Jul 25, 2014 08:10 AM

dining solo in philly

dining solo - any recommendations for solo friendly atmosphere?

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  1. lots of solo friendly places - what section of the city? Food preferences,? Cost?

    1. For most of the places that get discussed here, I think places that aren't solo-friendly will be exceptions. I can vouch for Will, Bibou, Serpico, and the bar at Avance as being solo friendly.

      1. sorry - to be more specific
        Center City

        no Japanese/Sushi/Vegetarian eateries
        open to any other type of cuisine

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        1. re: lisaannello

          Osteria and Alla Spina, both Vetri places on North Broad near Fairmount Ave, are good for solo diners. I agree about Serpico (not familiar with solo dining at the others agozoic recs.

        2. I also like Parc,, Village Whiskey (the bar), the bar at Sbraga, Amuse the restaurant at the Le Meridien, in Chinatown DimsumGarden (Soup dumplings), Pub & Kitchen.

          1. Lots of good options. You might want to check out the bar area of Volver. Excellent drinks and a good crowd starting around 7. A la carte dishes are available.