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Jul 25, 2014 08:03 AM

Taste of Toronto: Fort York this weekend

Wondering if anyone is attending Taste of Toronto this weekend, at Fort York. Some good restaurants lined up to be there, but I have not seen much discussion on it.
if I go, what are the items I "must try". Any good items to buy and take home?

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  1. We went last night. It was a great way to introduce mini firefly to some dishes she hadn't had. We did bosk, momofuku, which was only there yesterday, Hudson kitchen and the grove. I thought the event was really well run and will post a full review tomorrow, when I'm not busy prepping for a dinner party! :) I would say it was a really great event and gave a ton of options. Lines were a little long, but I think they'll get better for the weekend as it was the first day. :)

    1. i don't attend anything that uses the word foodie to sell itself. pass