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Jul 25, 2014 06:22 AM

A better idea for Dunkin Donuts

Saw this article just now about how Dunkin Donuts is getting their butts kicked by Starbucks in sales growth. The CEO is pushing franchisees to sell more of their expensive items to boost check averages. I have a better idea......START SELLING DECENT COFFEE NOT THAT WEAK NASTY TASTING DISHWATER YOU CURRENTLY SELL! American tastes are getting more sophisticated and they are demanding better coffee like Starbucks.

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    1. re: MGZ

      Oh yea, closing will really help their bottom line.

    2. I know people all have their preferences but I really can't stomach DD coffee. I say this as a New Englander who sees a DD on every block. It has a weird (burnt?) taste to me. The word "acrid" comes to mind. I would rather have coffee from the local gas station than DD.

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      1. re: mels

        "It has a weird (burnt?) taste to me. The word "acrid" comes to mind"....agreed!
        I'm no coffee expert but I sold coffee when I worked for Sysco and received some sales training. Coffee has both pleasant and unpleasant components and if you get too much extraction you introduce these unpleasant elements into the final brew. I was told that DD "pushes the envelope" using a minimum amount of coffee to get maximum yield. Starbucks uses a much higher coffee to water ratio, it's not burnt it strong!

        1. re: zackly

          Many people find that Starbucks roasts its beans too darkly; hence the nickname Charbucks.

          1. re: sandylc

            I love Starbucks coffee. Before I had my first cup of their coffee in the mid nineties I was a daily visitor to the DD near my office. When SB opened nearby I resisted going there for awhile due to their Europhile pretentiousness (It's a coffee dude not a barista & I still ask for small, medium or large not tall, grande or vente). I wanted to hate them. When I did try it was game-set-match. I could never go home (DD)again. The coffee was so much richer and stronger (I don't find it harsh at all. After that DD seamed weak & watery.

            1. re: zackly

              Clearly individual taste is always the main thing with coffee; everyone seems to have a different opinion. When my parents were alive and were visiting, my dad and husband used to see who could get to the coffeemaker first so they could control the strength!

              From what I've observed, many people fall somewhere in between Charbucks and DD's flavored water as far as strength and degree of roasting. We have a couple of smaller chains here that fill that niche.

              1. re: sandylc

                I like really good coffee brewed strong. In a pinch, I will buy Starbucks, but I do believe they burn the beans and now, no longer make as strong a brew as they used to. Unless I'm on the road long distance, I always make my own for my Contigo auto seal.

                When Starbucks was more generous with the amount of coffee per pot, I could cut them a break, but they're getting closer to the competition, dishwater wise, just enough better that they're still the only place I'll go into in a tight pinch.

      2. I have no dog in this fight, as I don't drink coffee. However, my observations are that among the coffee drinkers I know and have listened to, Dunkin Donuts coffee lovers think Starbucks is too strong, too dark, too bitter, too whatever; conversely, Starbucks coffee mavens deride Dunkin Donuts as dishwater, swill, weak, etc.

        Clearly, there's room in the market for both, purely on differing tastes in coffee. What does DD in, AFAIK, is the abysmal food they serve; bread-like donuts, fluffy bagels with no character, egg-product loaf breakfast sandwiches, etc. No amount of upselling will help there. Atlanta Bread has better muffins, any bagel shop does better than DD, Panera and Starbucks have far better breakfast pastries.

        DD may as well stand for desperate dining.

        As to doughnuts, Oh! for the all-too-brief days when Krispy Kreme shops were in NJ.

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        1. re: mcsheridan

          The only Starbucks commercial I've ever seen on tv is about their "blonde" blend in response to people thinking their regular blend is too rich or whatever. I never even knew this conversation was going on.

        2. I've never cared for DD's always tasted wishy-washy to me. I put up with it because they used to make a decent donut, but not anymore. It's really sad when the bakery dept. in the local Publix grocery store is producing a far better product.

          1. Funny - I am odd man out here. I much prefer DD coffee to Starbucks. I am particularly addicted to their large iced coffee - a total rip off but a "necessity" on hot summer days.
            DD food is abomination, as is Starbucks.

            I would hate to see them go more complicated/expensive I am tired of endless options at FF restaurants - keep it simple and quick I don't need to be behind the person who orders mocha-java-raspberry-frappacocktail and a eggwhite-Florentine-flatbread-pizzaburrito when I want a black coffee and a donut

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            1. re: JTPhilly

              You are not the only one. I will take DD coffee over Starbucks any day of the week. I like my coffee black and simple, and Starbucks is simply undrinkable in that form -- it's burnt and too heavy, only meant to be consumed when diluted beyond all recognition with sugar, cream, flavorings, etc.

              When I'm on the road DD black coffee is my fuel of choice and I like their basic breakfast sandwiches as wll.

              1. re: sockii

                I drink my coffee black as well - and agreed Starbucks coffee black BLECH

                1. re: sockii

                  Im with y'all.

                  I drink it black, too, and Charbucks is totally undrinkable black.

                  I love me Dunkies ice coffee in the summah!

                  1. re: sockii

                    I drink Starbucks coffee black all the time. Sometimes I put an extra shot of espresso in it.

                    1. re: jpc8015

                      Starbucks' Pike Place Roast is one of my favorite coffees. I wouldn't drink it any way but black. I like to make and drink it at home, though. Nearly all coffee in paper cups tastes nasty to me.

                  2. re: JTPhilly

                    You're not the only one, JT. I'll only drink Starbucks coffee if I'm desperate. It's too acrid and bitter for my taste. I'll take DD regular coffee/iced coffee any time. Plus their coolattas are THE summer drink in these parts.

                    As for the rest of their I've had better baked goods, but they're passable for a FF outfit.