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Jul 24, 2014 07:12 PM

Rumaki ???

For those of us that have grown up here -- and remember Kowloons and other "chinese" restaurants that had the great appetizer "Rumaki" (water chestnuts, bacon and I think chicken liver?) -- does anyone serve that appetizer anymore? (thanks)

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  1. I think people make it at home, some substituting a black olive or maybe a date for the liver.

    1. oh there's no substitute for the liver...

      hmm maybe I'll fire up the grill Saturday and do a yakitori version of this...

      at a restaurant anywhere in the US? not seen for years.

        1. From the net: "Rumaki may be an unfamiliar appetizer these days, but it sported quite a hip reputation in the middle of last century. It first appears on the menus of tiki restaurants in San Francisco and Los Angeles in the 1940s. Trader Vic’s founder Victor Bergeron claimed it had Chinese origins, by way of Hawaii, but in actuality it was likely his own creation inspired by angels on horseback, an English pub snack of bacon-wrapped oysters."

          1. Those bacon wrapped dates at AOC remind me a little of Rumaki.

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              To be honest, they are better. There's a similar app for $9 at Luggage Room in Pas.