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Jul 24, 2014 07:06 PM

Nicky's Pizza [white plains]

Saw this on mamaroneck ave today next to Don Coqui. Does anybody know if this is the logo for the original Nicky's that burned down?

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  1. not sure but my guess is that it is the same one as it does say established 1964.I always liked his pizza,but his pricing had gotten very high ,i think he was even @ $3.00 for a soda.And towards the send it was not as good as it had been-his white used to have lots of surprise treats -ham and i think sausage mixed in,that had pretty much disappeared from the white pizza

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    1. re: 51rich

      Same Nick, Same Pie. Same Sausage in the Ricotta mix, Same Ham on top, NOT the same prices. I'm not sure how he can balance his prices with the Rent on Mamaroneck Avenue. $36 for a White Pie. WOW!

    2. I'm not sure about the logo, but when I walked by a few weeks ago, I saw the old light sign (saying "Nicky's")sitting inside. I'm thinking its the same Nickys, or hoping. After I moved to WP's and found out (via Chowhound) Nickys was one of the preferred pizza places, they had the fire. I hope it is the original owners, and that the quality will be of what I've read.

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      1. re: liza219

        I feel the same way. I've never had Nicky's but always hear about how good it was.

        1. re: HOHMich

          I remember Nicky's back in the mid 80's when the lower and upper tiers of his restaurant was packed with people chowing down on his signature white slices (with ham). It was a great place to grab a slice and a soda.

        2. re: liza219

          Same everything but the Prices ^^^^^$$$$$^^^^^

        3. Not meaning to hijack this thread ,but who still has good pizza in white plains? I like Lombardo's which is not downtown but on mamk. ave towards mamaroneck border.Also like the sausage,peppers,onion rolls at pizza cucina.But what about downtown -looking more for slice joints rather than high priced "gourmet" restaurant style.

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          1. re: 51rich

            I get my pizza from Italian Pavilion. And I'll switch it up with Michael's Pizza Pasta every now and then.

            IMO they are both better than Lombardos. I never tried Pizza cucina.

            1. re: sdhound

              pizza cucina is the former triangle deli on the post rd. it is the same owner as ernesto's -just down the street. years ago used to go to italian pavilion and liked it but the last few times (not recently) did not care for it as much. if you do go as far as michaels have you ever tried broadway pizza in north w.p. another place i like for slices

            2. re: 51rich

              Two good pizza places in WP are Bella Luca (formerly 3 Boys) on Mamaroneck next door to Subway (the brick oven Sicilian buffalo chicken is excellent). Another I like a lot is Cerbone of Naples in Greenburgh in the KMart plaza on Tarrytown road.

            3. Any word on the opening of Nicky's?

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              1. re: DWeiss

                Haven't seen or heard anything- every time I drive past ,it looks like no one is even working on it.I'm beginning to doubt (well maybe not just beginning)that it is even going to open. Away from the downtown area, I would suggest Lombardos on mamk. ave. Nice neighborhood Italian, but very good slces (the only thing I have ever tried there). They are kind of between WP & Mamk.

                1. re: 51rich

                  Really? You like that atmosphere and those prices?

                  Give me Francesco's any day of the week.

                  1. re: primosprimos

                    If you just go for pizza (slices) ,the prices are in-line with any place else.Francesco's only sells whole pies (I think) and parking is difficult

                2. re: DWeiss

                  I saw on Tuesday that they had a new permanent sign up above the entry way. That could mean they are getting close.

                  1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                    Hope so,I always enjoyed Nicky's- He had the best (although it went downhill) white pizza with chunks of ham and sausage( iirc) which later seemed to get skimpy with the ham and sausage. Also he was very smart about not serving slices that sat for too long- he would cut them up and give away extra on your order- no waste and win win

                3. Nicky's is OPEN! Had a White Pie today. For some reason i seemed very salty. anyone else?