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Jul 24, 2014 06:26 PM

Bedford & Burns - Business Lunch in Beverly Hills

Mostly a business crowd for lunch. White tablecloths, well-dressed servers.

Chilled gazpacho was chunky with sliced avocado on top. I prefer it a little more pureed, and I also prefer it rested a little more. This seemed more like a bunch of ingredients than an integrated dish. But it was very cold, which I like.

Fish tacos were among the specials, so I ordered them. They are large, prepared on two standard size tortillas, which are baked not fried. So they're a little tough to chew, but the flavor is very good. I actually prefer this preparation. The fish was flaky and fresh tasting and it had cabbage, tomato and a chipotle sauce. It's served with a small arugula salad. Nice flavors. I'd order this again.

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  1. We had lunch there about four months or so ago.... My husband also had the fish tacos, said they were fine. He tends to favor bold flavors, so I took it that they were spiced well enough to his liking. It was a very good sized portion for lunch. I had the sashimi salad which was excellent and also a generous portion. I'd like to try their sandwiches next time. My FIL had the shrimp Louie salad and it was quite large and again, generous with the shrimp.

    1. Interesting they would serve the tortilla baked, not warmed in a skillet or on a flat top grill for 15 seconds or so, and thus softer to handle, yet thick enough to stay together.