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Jul 24, 2014 05:12 PM

Mistral-specifics on a dish

Anyone eat there recently? We ate there a few years ago and my husband really enjoyed their "BEEF TENDERLOIN, MASHED POTATO & WHITE TRUFFLE OIL" pizza and was just reminiscing. His birthday is coming up and Id like to try and duplicate it. I've called over their twice to get specifics and they weren't willing to share. Maybe I was too honest? I could always pull the allergy card when I call but that seemed too dishonest.

If anyone can share the ingredient details I would appreciate it. I know all the basics but can not remember the base sauce. I think there may have also been rosemary and roasted garlic?

Wish I could sneak in for a quick dinner and test it myself but alas, that's not happening anytime soon.

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  1. I don't have the answer but if you put those ingredients on a pizza, I don't see how that would not be a success!

    1. Most of the flavor comes from the truffle oil. Use a good truffle oil, keep the crust thin and crisp, and it will be a success. I believe there are some lightly caramelized onions as well.

      1. thanks all. I figured I could wing it but being its his birthday dinner I thought I would try harder, LOL. The good news is since neither of us remember the details how could I go wrong?

        Black Lab- Good call on the onions-I thinks that's what it was, not roasted garlic. I have some excellent truffle oil that my SIL brought me back from overseas. It's quite good and much more subtle than most you find here in the states.

        1. Wow, the google images are truly drool-worthy. It's hard to beat a grilled pizza in any form, but that looks amazing. Please report back on your efforts! I may just have to give it a try with your feedback, since I also have some really good (real) truffle oil that my son gave me.

          1. I always have a hard time not ordering that pizza at Mistral. There is no "sauce" as far as I can remember. It is a white pizza and black lab is correct, most of the flavor comes from the truffle oil. I also agree with keeping the crust very thin and crispy (which also means it needs to be eaten within minutes of cooking). And there are definitely caramelized onions but not too many so they don't over power the other flavors. Beef in very thin slices cooked medium rare.

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              Is there any cheese? It doesn't appear so from the pictures. I wonder if the beef is pre-cooked. When I make a steak pizza at home, it has been a traditional oven-baked pizza and the steak cooks in the oven. Grilled pizza doesn't spend much time with heat circulating around it, so it's probably necessary to quickly cook the tenderloin first.

              1. re: bear

                I was going quickly sear the tenderloin first as I do remember a nice "crust" on the beef.

                1. re: bear

                  Yes, please post back with your recipe! Are those chives on top? No noticeable sear on the steak in the attached photo from Devra First's 2012 Mistral review.

                  1. re: ceb

                    Hmmm. I clearly remember a sear. I do admit though it was at least as far back as 2010 when he had it, maybe even earlier. I remember my son was small and it was *big* deal that we got a sitter and went into Boston! Yikes, that means it most likely 2005. Where does the time go?? We have eaten there since (at the bar) but yowza, we need to get off the south shore more.