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Jul 24, 2014 02:38 PM

Five MUST EAT at restaurants in Charleston

I've reading and researching menus and restaurants trying to find 5 places that we must eat at.....I've looked FIG, Husk, Hominy, Toast, Charleston Grill, Martha Lous, Cru, Slighty North of Broad, Poogan"s?, we love all food. Because of the Food and Cooking Channel....we are interested in Husk and Hominy...but we're open to all your faves!

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  1. Was seriously disappointed in hominy on a recent visit :( amazing meals at fig and hanks. Love Cru and husk too.

    1. It's tough to list just 5 musts in Charleston because it has so many good restaurants, but I would definitely put FIG on the list. Others to consider:

      The Ordinary (same owners as FIG)
      Cru Cafe

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      1. re: pemma

        Due to the noise level, I would opt for Leon's over Ordinary. And the quality is likely the same if not more enjoyable.

      2. I agree with Peema's list...I might add SNOB or do drinks and apps at the bar at Mc Crady's and dinner at Hanks. Cru Cafe is wonderful for lunch and so is Butcher and Bee.

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          I agree. Cru and Butcher & Bee are both great lunch spots. I'd toss Xiao Bao Biscuit into the mix too... for dinner.

        2. Also Jestine's or Martha Lou's...we love the small hole in the wall places as well...what's your take on these two or is there better...and what's your opinion on Glass Onion?

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            We've always had delicious meals at Glass Onion. I like that it's never the same old stuff... always something fresh and interesting on the menu.