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Jul 24, 2014 02:32 PM

Best Kosher (Shabbos) Food LA

We are staying in LA for shabbos and want to buy food that will taste great, cold, on shabbos day. We are not looking for traditional shabbos food such as gefilte fish and chicken soup, rather we'd like some great meats and salads and breads that will be good cold. We are strictly kosher so Kehilla Kashrus is preferred.
Any advice, recommendations would be awesome!

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  1. Meshuga for sushi. Very filling rolls. Got kosher has salads of all sortd

    1. I know people who really like Pico Kosher Deli.

      1. Go to Jeff's Gourmet Sausages for deli. The only problem is that you will never be able to eat Meal Mart corned beef ever again.

        1. If you'll eat RCC and price is no issue, then definitely Got Kosher for both taste and non-traditional (ashkenazi) shabbos food. They have entrees, salads, and their well-known pretzel challah.